Tuesday, February 15, 2011


'Twas an excellent meal, even in the absence of our master chef who has been out recuperating from surgery. He trained his crew well, as proven by last evening's Valentine's Day Dinner.

In addition to being highly attractive, each course was delicious. Can you see that the fruit in the salad is cut into heart shapes? 

Mr. Bob and I each had our own ideas when it came to choosing the entrĂ©e. 

He opted for the chicken, I selected the New Zealand rack of lamb. Both were outstanding.

Dessert was served chilled. We divided one which proved, in its solid structure, a bit of a challenge to eat. We decided to take the other serving home. In the elevator, I reminded Mr. Bob to put it in the refrigerator. 

Either he didn't hear or chose not to heed my advice, but it was left out overnight. When we had it for breakfast, it was perfection! Just the right temperature, one of those fortuitous mistakes.

Before dinner, the hostess read the following:

Did you know?
  • Mozart wrote about chocolate in an opera.
  • Chocolate was first mass produced in the United States in 1765 by the Johnson Harmon Company.
  • The street lights in Hershey, Pennsylvania are shaped like Hershey's chocolate kisses.
  • Research shows chocolate is as good for you as a glass of red wine.
  • Switzerland is the country that consumes the most chocolate per person.
  • Dark chocolate has better anti-oxidant properties than milk chocolate.
  • M&Ms were first created for the US military.
  • The Hershey bar was first created in the year 1900.
  • More than 35 million heart shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine's Day.


    1. It all looks so delish! I would have chosen the lamb also! My mouth is watering reading your story of the evening and looking at your photos!

    2. My mouth too. What a WONDERFUL FEAST FOR THIS LOVE HOLIDAY!! I love chocolate!! Love Love Love! Thank you for a delicious post!

    3. Yum Yum A Non Y Mouse

    4. I ate two donuts for Valentine's Day Dinner.

    5. Sounds wonderful! I've seen those Hershey street lights--it's true--they're just like the little Hershey kisses. Sounds like it was memorable!

    6. I gained weight just looking at the pictures!