Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The history of my schooling involves a lot of dropping out. It's to my credit that I graduated from high school, but I suspect that my gym clothes are moldering in some musty locker at Glendale College for in 1952 I floated away from academia and felt great relief in doing so.

Since then, I've enrolled in a class here and there, never with the proper sense of commitment. Often I didn't complete the course. Now here I am, signed up for weekly computer lessons in our local Apple store, trying to learn more about how to produce pages of photographs for the Manor picture album. Mr. Bob signed up for the job of photographer/historian over a year ago and not a thing has been done since then beyond taking thousands of pictures. It's ridiculous to continue procrastinating.

I'm a slow-witted student, partly because I can't come right home to practice what I've learned. I was all ready to do that yesterday and realized at the last minute that I was about to miss the monthly book group Nadine and I started. I think I've told you before that as I look back over my adult life, I realize that I love to start clubs, but feel annoyed at the need to attend each meeting. After supper, I thought I'd practice my newfound knowledge until someone reminded me that it was Bingo night in the basement. Admittedly, one isn't obligated to play board games, but it had been several months since we'd played and Mr. Bob wanted to get back to it. As it was, between us, we won 4 out of 7 games, enough to feel a little sheepish.

I'm scheduled for another lesson tomorrow morning. I like the 9 a.m. appointment, before the Glendale Galleria parking lot gets full of obsessive shoppers. Yesterday I had the same trainer that I had 3 years ago when I started trying to gain some knowledge in a formal manner. One of my complaints is that we can't choose to have the same trainer every time we go, so it's a matter of starting from Square One each time, explaining what I'm there for. Greg is patient, I'll say that for him. Doesn't he resemble a young Fidel Castro?

Gotta go........or I'll be late for the Crones' meeting. I'll tell you about that tomorrow.


  1.!!Keep on learning however it comes!

  2. People who lack curiosity are boring.

  3. I just knew we were kindred spirits. I dropped out of my first semester at Glendale (then Jr. College) when the instructors started explaining about the importance of upcoming FINALS. Egads..who ever knew !!! Many Many Many years later I managed to get an Associate of Arts from Pasadena City College (After dropping out of Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington in January of my Sophmore year. I had entered as a 22 year old freshman after having the 15 units of F removed from my GJC records. I HAVE earned a Doctoris of Life Lessons in case you want to add that to your own resume!!! T.O. Joanne

  4. Jane, you're hilarious. You're an instigator, and you get things going--that's a good thing! No need to worry about finishing all these things--you can always go back to them in another moment of interest. Can't wait to hear about the Crones.