Monday, February 14, 2011


It's early and I've already eaten three red foil wrapped milk chocolate hearts (little ones) to celebrate Valentine's Day. Mr. Bob is snoozing away, having been awakened early by a technician for his weekly blood test.

Today's the day that window washing is scheduled and I'm excited about that for the windows show the effects of the power washing that was done ahead of painting earlier this month. The world isn't nearly so pretty looked at through watermarked windows.

Yesterday was Parents' Day on Tim's calendar. We have three children and they're all hunting for jobs which gives me an odd feeling in the pit of my tummy. We enjoyed a meal in the dining room and then went out in search of a guayabera shirt for Mr. Bob, which took two stops before we found one at J.C. Penney's in the Galleria. As we left, we vowed never to go there again on weekends. The mass of humanity was formidable.

Next we drove through a dilapidated part of town which matched the mood we were attempting to rise above. Tim had a destination in mind and we found ourselves in a drive-through Baskin and Robbins ice cream emporium. A chocolate soda improved my outlook somewhat. On the way home we drove through Griffith Park and paused to listen to a drum circle perform. It was a scruffy group producing a primal beat of the camera never came out of my purse, so you'll have to imagine it in your mind's eye.

For this day, I have some pictures, but no story to go with them.
See's Candy shop the night before Valentine's Day, last year.

Almost like a Rorschach test. The camera is obvious, but can you see the photographer?

Sad to say, jewelry stores must be emptied each night. 

Two years and fifty pounds ago

Harvey, clowning.


  1. It's getting scary on here again
    The Dorsettler

  2. Nice but I wish I could have seen the drummers !
    Have a great time today !
    A Non Y Mouse

  3. Chocolate for breakfast! Yes! Personally, I have a Dr. Pepper for breakfast every morning.

  4. Chocolate for breakfast is perfect!!!

  5. Where can I find that See's store??

  6. That See's store is the one on Foothill Blvd. in La Cañada.