Sunday, February 6, 2011


A mailbox hangs on the wall between the Manor's two elevators. In the box are colored plastic bracelets. Late every evening at 10:16..... you could set your clock by it......the night watchman puts one of those bracelets on each resident's doorknob.

The next morning at 9 a.m. or thereabouts, a housekeeper comes around to check. If the bracelet is gone, all is presumed to be well. If the doorknob is still encircled by a bracelet, the result is a knock on the door to find out if everything's all right. Twice I've had to stand there in my nightgown, apologizing for our neglect. By now, Mr. Bob, on one of his Nature calls during the night, has taken to bringing in the bracelet so that we can sleep late if we so wish.

When we leave our room, one of us remembers to take the bracelet to the box by the elevator and the cycle starts all over again.............. unless............ the color of the plastic goes with what I'm wearing that morning, and then I've been known to wear it throughout the day.


  1. Good idea ! A Non Y MOuse

  2. What a smart system! And such a positive way of making sure all is well. Wonderful!

  3. What I like the most about this system is that someone was creative enough to make this a colorful and cheerful item which seems almost party-like. The other thing I like is that you have the moxie to turn it into an adornment for the day. Hats Off to you Dear Jane!!!
    T.O. Joanne

  4. Of course you wear them Jane! I never noticed the box. At Royal Oaks Manor, they have a similar doorknob item... Such a simple thing to do and the best thing is it requires you to think! Thank you for the fun post. What in the world would you do without a camera! :-)

  5. MJ in Vermont writes:

    Kind of like the college system, only in reverse: If it was there, do not disturb!
    (I hope that's not too racy!)