Sunday, February 20, 2011


When we rose this morning and looked out of our east facing window, this was the scene that greeted us...........admittedly we used the telephoto lens.

You were all so understanding in your comments on yesterday's post (was that yesterday's?). I made some headway on the Manor photo album today to the point that my eyesight is a little blurry this evening, but I want to show you some of the things we saw when Tim took our British friends and us for a ride.

We traveled through some depressed areas of Los Angeles and I wondered where Tim was taking us. He knew what he was about. I had no idea there was a designated Arts District in Los Angeles.

Neptune, high on a building

Who? I wonder.

This mural had a naive quality that I found appealing.

Do you suppose the people who live in this house enjoy orange juice for breakfast every morning?

City Hall, once the tallest building in Los Angeles, now dwarfed by skyscrapers and in this case, apparently by palm trees.
My favorite of all.

Next, Tim drove us up and down the frighteningly steep hills in the Echo Park area and I was so nervous that I never thought to use my camera. 

When we neared home the snow was nearly gone from the mountains. We arrived in time for supper...........and,  apologies to the no-longer-living author of "Where the Wild Things Are", it was still hot.


  1. Again...Fabulous!!!! Fun times. Tim is sure fun too! Always interesting excursions!!

  2. You don't miss a thing--great photos and wonderful images.

  3. WOW!!!!!!!! Great shots Babe!!!!!!!!!A Non Y Mouse

  4. Jane,
    Cool as ever, just loved the pic`s....isn`t it fun to see the "art" of the city nobody really seems to care about. Artists are so creative and nice to see you capture their work. ...keep up the good work !!