Friday, February 11, 2011


We watched history unfold on television this morning as Egypt celebrated the possibility of becoming a democracy. From Alaska came Susan's text message: "Wow!". Mr. Bob was in the shower and I called to him to hurry and come watch. I called, but of course he couldn't hear.......due to our carpeted, soundproofed rooms and his loss of hearing, so I went in and shouted through the shower enclosure.

Of course there was plenty of opportunity throughout the day to see the crowd's reaction to the announcement that Mubarak had stepped down, so my sense of urgency was unnecessary. 

My antennae are always searching for a blog topic and I thought of some of the crowd scenes from our own collection of photos. 
Post-Christmas crowds along San Francisco's waterfront
Sunday's Farmers' Market in Montrose
As well organized a picnic as we've seen in the park below our window.
A class walking from the school, past our house on a field trip to Montrose.

When the Americana opened, people used the free parking across the street at the Glendale Galleria and walked over to the new outdoor shopping center.

After school...note the smiles. Not at all the scene in the morning en route to school when the kids look sleepy and not at all happy.

"The only certainty about following the crowd is that you will all get there together."
                                                                               ~ Mychal Wynn


  1. My blonde friend was so woried about the trouble in Egypt that she canceelled her Chiropractor appointment. :o)
    The Dorsettler

  2. This was a get idea ! A Non Y Mouse

  3. The crowd I found most amazing was one on the news this morning when they showed the citizens in Egypt cleaning up the mess that had been made. That along with the shots of the citizens banding together to protect the museums from looting truly showed the spirit of the Egyptian people. T.O. Joanne

  4. Owen insists that "Hosni Mubarak" is something that pirates say.

  5. I worked with 2 Egyptian ladies a decade ago for a decade. They never really spoke of what the situation was back home...even after a visit..with family, they never wanted to go back there and live. I now know why. They were smart enough to listen to an uncle who came decades before to get a job, any job in government...a pension will be yours. They did!