Friday, February 25, 2011


Today's the day we send Harvey and Sheila on their way......San Diego, Seattle, Santa Rosa are on their itinerary before from the San Francisco Airport they wing their way across the ocean back home to their little piece of paradise. 

Both of them are accomplished cooks so it means a lot that they've enjoyed the Manor food immensely. Given our heads, we're slow starters in the morning and they've been sensitive to that and rising early, they've breakfasted in the dining room before taking off for long, long walks. When we meet up for midday dinner, they recount all the streets they've walked along and Harvey's greatest delight is meeting people and stopping for a chat. I question how good we've been as hosts, but Harvey and Sheila are self sufficient and good examples in their love of vegetables and desire for bracing exercise. Would that I had some of that in my personality.

But, as I wrote earlier in the week to Judy, I'm still the Queen of Clutter, even though I was certain that I'd turn over a new leaf when we moved to the Manor. Judy (second from the left) is one of the six friends paying us a visit tomorrow.

Mr. Bob has known the men longer than he's been acquainted with me, which goes way back in time. The 3 couples live in beautiful homes, furnished like model houses, in such contrast to our mode of living. I'm envious, but not enough so to get my house in order.

Judy's response was that they're not the White Glove Brigade and I should have, but didn't take the opportunity to tell her that my clutter is dust-free, cleaned faithfully by Sandra who comes to hose us down every Thursday.

We've been the first to move to a retirement facility so these friends are eager to see our new living quarters. In my anxiety about being viewed in our "come as we are" mode of living, I'll try to remember what happened yesterday when one of the residents......a very, "with-it" lady, stepped into our room to deliver some information we needed. I'd just been in her serene living quarters......again, beautifully clutter. She entered our apartment, her eyes swept the room and she said,  "Oh, my! My place is so boring in comparison!" It's all in the attitude. I'll work on mine.

P.S. Our Susan wrote that she'd only seen her dad cry twice. Once was when doing a bulk mailing for the store and the other was when his mother was coming to visit and the house was a mess.


  1. I hope you sent Harvey to the barbers before winging him on his way!
    The Dorsettler

  2. We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Windsor Manor, the wonderful conversations, with all the Young at Heart residents, and the Fond memories,that We carry on our travels.
    Sheila and Harvey, ( alias The Wrinklies)

  3. Well, I say that you're a perfect hostess to allow your friends to roam free and enjoy their visit at their own pace and you are so fortunate to have the advantage of the Manor chefs at your right hand. Timi loves to tell people that when she is my house guest I give her wine and potato chips for dinner. T.O. Joanne

  4. Oh my... I love your Clutter Jane. You truly have interesting items...that can create a number of delightful conversations!!!! I love your guests comment!

  5. My advice (not that you asked for it) is stop worrying about clutter. It's not an issue of right or wrong better or worse, it's just different than uncluttered! I think FORCING yourself to be clutter free stifles creativity.