Thursday, February 10, 2011


Tradition dictates that residents put a decoration on their doors. We did so for the first year and then my enthusiasm for the practice waned. We've had this little person looking through a window at the snow coming down since the first of January. As long as the rest of the country is experiencing snow, I think we'll leave it there.

Last year we put a large red heart on the door in recognition of Valentine's Day. I suspect it was meant to be used as a placemat by the buyer at Pier 1. This year we needed it to decorate the library, along with selected red books to make a statement, so it didn't grace our apartment door in the hallway.

I love the whole idea of a pebble dropped into water and the resulting concentric circles that radiate a letter arrived from our daughter, Susan, in Alaska. It read:

Dear Mom,
      Every first Saturday of the month I volunteer my time in the 
Al-Anon bookstore, a very small space in an older building. I am sitting here thinking of all the decorating and fixing up I could your winter and Chinese New Year decor in the Windsor Manor library. I doubt that it would be well received. Maybe I'll bring four leaf clover decorations and put them up when I'm here the first Saturday in March. It will be fun. We will see!

My response to her is, "Go for it, Susan! You won't know until you give it a try." Meanwhile the wee child will continue to watch it snow through the window on our door, until we scare up something to decorate it for St. Patrick's Day in March.


  1. Lovely: All of it--
    the sweet child and bird on your door,the heart on the wall, and Susan's note. Happy almost-Valentine's day.

  2. Nice Post!! I always think door decor brightens up the hallways!

  3. I like your Valentine's Day display in the library. You have a nice touch!