Saturday, February 19, 2011


We came close to achieving 100 days of blogging without any interruption and then yesterday we broke the chain. My ability to multi-task has lessened over the years and there was too much going on to fit everything in that I wanted to do.

Months ago, Mr. Bob agreed to be the photographer/historian for the Manor. Taking pictures is no problem whatsoever, for we both go through life with cameras at the end of our arms. Printing and organizing pictures into an album is another matter altogether. Traditionally, here at the Manor, a picture scrapbook is put together for a full calendar year and placed in the lounge area for residents to pore through.

The album for 2010 is in our room, all additions discontinued in February of that year when the transition was agreed upon for Mr. Bob to take over the upkeep task.

I can't help but wonder. Is it a defect in our characters that it takes us so damned long to figure out a system that works? I'll admit that it took me the better part of a year to figure out a routine that works smoothly for showering, when I was strictly a bathtub bather for all of my life. And it's taken me all these months to figure out a way to catch up on the photo album assignment. It's involved several computer lessons, too, to get where I want to be.

Out of our 25,000 pictures on our computer, I'm selecting which photos should be used and rather than pasting 4 to 6 pictures on a page I'm learning to compile a mosaic in this manner:

Meanwhile, I'm fretting about the color reproduction and wondering if the residents' declining eyesight will get confused by the method I'm using. Right now I'm plodding through that period of mediocrity required when learning any new skill. It's time consuming, but quite enjoyable and once started, it's hard to stop to write our daily blog, so there you have it.

I think I'm caught up for 2011 so far and just last evening I started my way, working backward, to get the 2010 album completed before too many more residents expire. Talk about pressure!

Wish us luck! 
We'll continue to blog, but it may be sporadic for a while.


  1. I am soooo impressed that you have learned to do these pages. You may just inspire me to learn a few new tricks myself. Next month I am going up to visit Timi Clark Morey so just maybe she will teach me to at least change the foto for my Facebook page. Loved seeing the pages you have completed. I now feel the need to make a trip to the Tam O' Shanter...have you ventured over to the Smokehouse lately? T.O. Joanne

  2. I know first-hand that organizing and displaying photos in the digital age is a major challenge! I miss point and click cameras, rolls of Kodak film, and trips to Sav On to pick up my tidy little packets of prints. I was always on top of organizing pictures and immediately popped them into my albums until computers and digital cameras came along. I found myself 4 years behind and struggled to find a workable system. I did, but I consider it completely inferior.

    You, dear Jane and Mr. Bob, found a way to simplify the clutter and still tell a colorful, inviting tale about each month! Totally BRILLIANT. Hats off!!!!!

    Creativity triumphed over technology!

  3. I tried to change my Facebook profile photo and voila I became Pogo Possum. It's a steep learning curve.

  4. Great work ..... both of you ! Keep it up. sideways or whatever way you want to go. A Non Y Mouse

  5. Much as I'd love to read your blog every single day, I'd much rather you paced yourself and prioritised your tasks.
    The worst thing possible were that you got 'burn out' and we lost you altogether.

  6. Jane jane jane bob bob life...complete the album...keep taking pictures and blog when you can. I think you can see we love the posts, yet until now, we had no idea how much effort it takes to do it daily.....I know i am not the only one who will love it no matter if it is just once a week. Great job on the 1oo plus..

  7. You do great! I've certainly recognized how hard it is to blog daily when a million things pull you in different directions. Blog when you can. We'll still be here! Great job on the photos.

  8. Much as I enjoy your blogs, I'm happy for you to take enough time to do the pictures for the 2010 book for the Main Lounge. Enjoy the fun of doing the job -- as much as you can! I choose to work on whatever creates fun for me and I highly recommend it! I'm too old to work anymore unless I can make it fun!! All good wishes to you and Mr. Bob!! E.