Wednesday, March 2, 2011


  1. Does he have a good marriage?
  2. Is he going straight home or stopping for errands?
  3. Is he good to his wife?
  4. Is his wife good to him?
  5. How long has he been married?
  6. Is he mindful of being on time?
  7. Does his watch run fast or slow?
  8. Does he like his job?
  9. How many miles does he have on his car?
  10. Would he in a million years dream of being the subject of a blog?


  1. 1. I'm assuming he's a guy and not a hard-working, no nonsense lesbian, in a committed relationship, driving around town in her beloved truck.
    2. His day isn't over yet. He's either relaxed or resigned.
    3. He's always trying but not always giving her what she wants most.
    4. She's aways trying but not always giving him what he wants most.
    5. He's been married 5-15 years.
    6. He's very mindful of time! Hence, a watch over something more high tech! He prides himself on keeping a schedule.
    7. Loyal watch-wearers keep their watches set on perfect time. No tricks!
    8. He works hard and not behind a desk all day. The fingernails tell me that.
    9. It's getting way too close to 100,000. He loves that truck and knows that white looks immeasurably better on the road than other colors.
    10. Nope. Not in 10 million.

  2. And does he wear sunblock leaving his hand out the window like that?

    Fabulous, Jane!

  3. I like this post. It reminds me so much of those exercises I have to prepare for my students: when they read a text and I have to think of millions of questions about it to check that they have understood it correctly and they can speak or write in English about it.
    Now, that I think of it. It would be much better with a pic!!
    By the way, do you mind if I use this post in one of my lessons??? You do questions much better than me, you have a great imagination!!!

  4. Pilar, feel free...........I'm honored! To be represented in any way all the way across the sea to Spain is amazing to me. Tell your students I say hello (or hola)

  5. Thanks a lot, Jane. I'll say 'hola' on your behalf!

  6. A picture tells a thousand stories.Watches are not worn by the young....Chances are good he is ok in the relationship About that time to change thing up and take a class, a vacation or attend a husband wife weekend. Possibly he used to smoke. The hand out the window is an old habit to break.Work is work is work and is this something i want to keep doing for the rest of my life! Thanks Jane!!

  7. kz typed:
    Thought provoking, indeed.
    Interesting comments.