Monday, March 21, 2011


WHEN THE SEASONS change, we at the Manor find a little bag, or in our case, two bags, hanging from our doorknobs. For the arrival of Spring we received a juicy, seedless tangerine and this pictured card. "Summer in the light, and winter in the shade"; I wasn't familiar with that Dickens quotation. There are a few menu changes, too, as different produce and fish come into season. In many ways it's wonderful to have someone else do the figuring for us and only once in a great while do I miss the opportunity to be the menu planner and cook.

The sole cookbook I brought with us to the Manor was Peg Bracken's "I Hate to Cook Book", which pretty well sums up my outlook. Before the move I managed to clutter my kitchen to the point that I had only a square foot of working space which took the pleasure out of any culinary activity. I tend to fool myself into thinking I enjoyed the exercise and it takes a picture like this to remind me of how it really was and to make me doubly glad to be here where a kitchen staff of 30 people makes mealtime effortless for us as residents. No regrets, not really. I wonder when I'll cease poring over magazines looking for recipes that don't require a stovetop or an oven? Who do I think I'm kidding?


  1. ...the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold...
    Poetic and perfectly timed.
    Today, in Ventura County, it was EXACTLY that kind of March day!

    (How could that intriguing kitchen NOT be creative?)

  2. Was it an Ojai pixie? They are in season now and a delightful treat---grown locally in the green velvet valleys of Ojai, California.

  3. Great photos! I like to cook, but I'm not fond of the cleanup involved, I admit that! I remember that cookbook.

  4. Frank writes:

    “Spring has sprung,
    The grass has riz,
    I wonder where the flowers is?”

    Attributed to Robert “Buck” Rodgers

  5. I like your quotation a lot, Jane.
    Happy springtime!

  6. I much prefer eating over cooking...

  7. Love your quotation and Jane...Your kitchen reminded me of an antique store! Who cooks in an antique store. Happy memories from Kathy at GT!!

  8. As Timi is quick to tell every one. When she is a guest at my house I give her potato chips and wine for dinner. She fails to comment on the fact that they are not just any potato chips but are imported from Michigan!!!
    TO Joanne