Thursday, March 3, 2011


The last two blog entries were made during a computer lesson at the Apple Store this morning, as I learned how to place photos side by each in a comic book format.

Once, only once, since we've been here have Mr. Bob and I gone down to use the exercise room. I rode the recumbent bicycle while he used the treadmill.......until..........he discovered the television set. He spent the rest of his exercise time sitting in a tall chair and holding the remote control. That's his favorite position for napping at home and it's tricky to ease the remote control out of his hand without waking him up. It's a chance I sometimes take; otherwise I can mute the ever-present newscast he watches into infinity.

I pedaled on.

The point of this entry is to jog both of us into revisiting the exercise room on the Lower Level.


  1. Great ! Keep it up Max !

    A Non Y Mouse

  2. Sleep is when the body repairs itself.

  3. Well..... I guess we will hear if you visit the exercise room again!

  4. I love comfortable riding position of the recumbent cycle as well as the ability to alter the settings.
    I usually choose 'downhill' and settle back for a nap.

  5. Susan Writes: Good job on the excercising. I must say that is a classic, "Dad's mad look" on the third of three photos.