Friday, March 4, 2011


UNTIL WE WENT to New Orleans, I thought there was one Mardi Gras parade, not realizing that the celebration begins at Epiphany and continues on through Fat Tuesday. That was just one of the things we learned at the Elderhostel program we attended. Pralines, Voodoo, King cakes, the Blue Dog, Bananas Foster, crawfish.......on and on.

I hate admitting that I'm not much of a museum person (the museum gift shop is an altogether different matter), but the Mardi Gras museum in New Orleans was small enough to be manageable and filled with interesting exhibits. There, using his imagination, Mr. Bob joined a crowd of parade watchers.

We enjoyed programs in that part of the country twice. Both times we were on the now extinct RiverBarge as it plied the rivers. Once the studies were in Music of the Mississippi and the other time we learned about the Cajun culture. That was the visit where we went to the Tabasco Plantation. We've never understood why Mr. Bob's nose matched the color of the giant Tabasco bottle.

Back in New Orleans, it took two trips before we got ourselves to Cafe du Monde. Actually, we attempted the experience twice but the first time involved a taxi ride in which we left our camera and we were so distraught that we just walked back to the hotel rather than sitting down to enjoy the cafe's world renowned beignets. We never recovered the camera but as time went by we got over it.

The beignets were good. I found them tricky to eat for there's so much powdered sugar on them that one risks death if taking a bite while breathing in and an exhale will cover your clothing with white powder. It's obvious what Mr. Bob thinks of chicory coffee.

I loved learning to say "Laissez les bon temp rouler" and to this day, when I do so with a nasal twang, it usually makes Mr. Bob laugh. "Let the good times roll" is my motto.

Mardi Gras is celebrated here at the Manor with a special meal and music. Last year Harvey and Sheila took part.

That was the day I lost a crown eating catfish. Funny how you remember that sort of thing.

There'll be plenty of beads for everyone and the good times will roll, if only for an hour or two. And then Mr. Bob will conk out, completely exhausted by so much revelry.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!!!


  1. Great photos--you must have a book full of photos of Bob napping--no wonder he looks so good. He's just making sure he gets little beauty sleep moments.

  2. Have you not ever pored through my "Land of Nod" set on flickr?
    Just in case you're curious. There are a few other people thrown in there, too, but Mr. Bob's the star.

  3. Jane....what a great post! I can feel the fun you had and found out another new thing. Not a museum goer??? I do not see many photo takers in there, so..guess it is too slow??? Oh my oh my.. I had my camera stolen from some Welsh men that entertained us on a train ride to the ice hotel in Switzerland. It was a 3 week trip that had a week left. I had to move to disposable...I was just told about Mardi Gras by a client this week..Makes me want to go..Bob gets an A in Beauty Sleep time. What a student!