Wednesday, March 9, 2011


When it happened to us, we were stuck in the sand on the side of the road in the desert, with no one around. Read on.............

You could call him a guest writer, I suppose. I don't know him. He doesn't know me, but I just read this piece in the Magazine section of the New York Times. It echoes some of our own experiences and I feel compelled to share it with you. "Today you; tomorrow me", indeed. We should live our lives accordingly.


  1. A perfect motto for our time, any time.

    Thank you, Jane.

  2. Hi Jane & Bob ~~~ Well we have a "little" sunshine this morning her in the Pacific NW
    Looking forward to Iralene and my 61st anniversary tomorrow ~~~ I love to share that with youngerfolks and they respond with astonishment.i.e. Really? Thank God.
    Me too

    John of Eugene

  3. Susan H. writes: Thank you for sharing that article. I teared up. I believe in 'Pay it Forward' much like 'Today You, Tomorrow Me' When I first moved to Alaska if a car was on the side of the road, winter or summer people would stop and help, it was just the way of Alaskans. I suppose with cell phones and it being a more dangerous world it doesn't happen here in Anchorage much any more. Ryan used to tease me.....I would stop and help people all the time. I wave at homeless people that I call friends, when I see an intoxicated person laying in the snow, I call the Community Patrol. Ryan gets it now. It is all a part of stewardship and taking care of each other and our community.

  4. That was an inspirational story to round off a lovely day.
    Thanks for sharing it Jane
    The Dorsettler

  5. Dear Jane: I write you here to tell you I loved your sharing of the Tamale Tire Jack story. I have one too. Putting it in the bank is a good way of saying giving back. We can all learn from these humble people who work so hard.

  6. Edie in Indiana writes:

    Fantastic story—thanks!!

  7. Thank you for this story. I'm old fashioned enough to still believe in "give unto others" and I think that being able to give is a reward in itself. And just for the give me so many smiles with your postings. Keep up the good work! T.O. Joanne