Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Just in from Alaska, Susan wrote:

"Yesterday's weather could not have been more perfect! I took alot of pictures and attached are a few. 

love this picture.  This was taken at Crystal Lake, the cabin we go visit mostly in the summer.  It is along the Iditarod race route and we were there yesterday to cheer the teams on to the destination, Nome Alaska.  Jill, Starla and I got to ride behind a snow machine on the couch. Fun."   

Seated: Jill on the left, Susan on the right.

"Our friend Starla wearing the fox tail that fell off of Jim Nelson's fur hat.  Too funny." 

I've heard people complain about the race being cruel to the dogs but then I've read in more than one place that the dogs are born to run and love the races. I think I believe the latter. 

Unless you're in a tearing rush, I highly recommend reading (it's interesting and won't take but a few minutes) author Gary Paulsen's Iditarod Journal.
Reading it, I learned this

"The Inuit call the northern lights the souls of children waiting to be born which is a wonderful way to look at them."

And on that lovely note, I'll say goodbye for today.


  1. The day looks so sunny and bright! It makes me wonder how many hours of daylight Susan and family are able to enjoy at the moment? Gosh that must be thrilling to see all those beautiful huskies all together! I do love that quote about the Northern Lights!

  2. Thrilling. Thanks for the peek into a distant world.

  3. Susan has her mom's spirit: I love that final quotation from Gary Paulsen. Fabulous pictures--I don't know that I'll ever get to see the Iditarod race, so this is at least a way to see it vicariously.

  4. I always love to hear about Alaska --we were there during our Golden Wedding trip nearly 5 years ago and loved it.
    I'm sure the dogs just absolutely love racing.

  5. Jane,
    I feel like a STAR!
    What a great job you do on all your blogs, although this one is close to my heart!
    I really enjoyed the links as well.

    Nice, very nice!