Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'M HEADING OUT into the world. By myself, leaving Mr. Bob to enjoy doing nothing which is one of his heart's desires. He's finished the photo album for 2010 which was a job that hung over his head for too long, but it's part of the job description of his volunteer job of photographer / historian. He took on the task in a weak moment.

Recently the cushions had been put on the patio chairs during some very pleasant weather and then it rained the other night. Another storm is expected this afternoon, or put in another way, we're expecting rain. The media, after reporting a drought, screams "Storm watch, storm watch!" with the first prediction of rain. Frankly, I'm glad that we don't live up the hill where the burned terrain releases mud which slides down the mountain when the rain comes down hard.

So I shall try to get back home with freshly curled hair before it rains. Hardly worth blogging about, huh? 

Oh, wait. Look across the patio and over the lawn and you can see the library window, with Susan's giant snowflake hanging in the center. With the advent of Spring, we've taken it down, to be used again next winter. 


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