Friday, March 11, 2011


Indeed, it's a very small world. Remember when Tim took us to Chinatown on Parents' Day, and I hoped to find a back scratcher? If your curiosity matches mine, here's the link to it so you can reread it. I was surprised that the subject of Slippery Shrimp was so much a part of that entry. At the time, Tim raved about how good it was, in spite of the rather off-putting name.

Fast forward to today when, sitting in the library with Nadine and Tim, the subject came up again. Nadine and her husband were going out this evening with friends for Chinese food, not to Chinatown, but to a restaurant in Pasadena. Tim and Nadine talked about how good the slippery shrimp is. I sat there, listening and wishing that I could experience the taste of it.

Tonight a knock came on our door. In came Nadine with a plastic bag. Inside was an order of slippery shrimp!!! What an out-of-the-blue surprise.........Mr. Bob brought 2 forks out of the kitchen and we ate right out of the take-out carton. Oh, so good!
Now here's an interesting thing. When I turned to that how-did-we-ever-get-along-without-it Google site, here's what I found:

Ho hum, another miracle. 

I didn't tell you about this, but a few days ago, Mr. Bob discovered a plastic bag hanging on the doorknob to our apartment. Inside? A backscratcher!!! A friend who reads our blog had bought one for her husband before learning that he already had one. She recalled my fruitless search for a back scratcher and it so happens that her parents live here at the Manor, which was how it ended up where we found it. 

Albert Einstein said, "There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."  I have every reason to agree.


  1. Yummy!! A gift of a scratcher....Nice!!!

  2. Wow. A five pronged slippery shrimp fork!
    (try saying that with your teeth out) :o)
    The Dorsettler

  3. These look yummy! Most indoor retail spaces are very protective and restrictive about allowing photographers. I've been accosted by managers and security personnel in malls and grocery stores on more than one occasion. You are on private property when you are in their stories or malls, do it's best to tow the line.

  4. Great !!! A Non Y Mouse !

  5. This is so touching. What a great "family" you have been gifted with at The Manor....People who genuinely care and share. I think it is amazing in this day and age that you have found this loving caring world of like minded friends. T.O. Joanne

  6. Susan writes: How wonderful the shrimp looks and Nadine is! Actually, you have two backscratchers, one is in Alaska. I hurried out and bought one for you the minute you mentioned it,$1.OO. I was so excited, thought about just putting a mailing label on it without wrapping. Figured it would get sent back to me for improper mailing. I was very pleased to see a mailing tube when at the post office. I bought it thinking it was a small miracle only to find out in is one inch too short, the tube. I will get it sent one way or another, less pressure knowing you have one at your house. Hugs

  7. The back scratcher picture is wonderful.