Wednesday, March 16, 2011


IT'S ONE OF THOSE TIMES when, by and large, the world's attention is focused on one area and our hearts go out to what the people in Japan are experiencing. Not just one disaster, but another and now another. One wonders how much the human soul can bear.

I've long been a flickr member, flickr being a photo sharing community online. No charge to join and a fabulous way to make friends around the world. I've become acquainted with Pilar in Spain who sometimes comments on these blog entries (she's the one who asked to use one of my entries as an assignment in her high school class), Linda in Germany, Lidolil in England, a married couple in Portugal as well as Altus, in Japan. Altus is originally from Texas, married to a beautiful Japanese woman and is the father of 2 handsome boys. He's a real outdoorsman, enjoying skiing and snowboarding among other sports. This morning I read this entry from Altus. I'm moved to share it with you because, as readers of this blog, you've proven yourself to be interested in something beyond the media blitz we're exposed to every day.

We must do what we can; whether it's contributing financially, crossing our fingers, saying our prayers, many people are in this heart-rending situation.  Scary stuff and closer to home than we may like to consider. The world is a smaller place than it used to be. At least send blessings.


  1. A firefighter I once worked with (when I was fitter & younger) is part of an emergency response team. They have only recently returned from New Zealand and were almost immediately turned around and despatched to Japan.
    They are now on their way home having achieved nothing. Why?
    They could not get the right permissions to work!
    Not the fault of the Japanese who welcomed them with open arms but the intransigence of the British Ambassador who refused to give the Japanese government the assurances that they requested.
    Only twice in 32 separate International incidents have they been refused permission to lend aid, in China & Afghanistan.
    Shame on you Mr Ambassador. About time you were recalled.
    The Dorsettler

  2. My heart just aches for the Japanese people. They have maintained such dignity through such devastating circumstances; I can't even imagine how they are coping. They are most definitely in my thoughts. Poignant post, I am off to read what Altus said.

  3. Thank you, Jane, for putting Altus and his family first in our hearts along with the rest of the Japanese people. For all our tech capabilities I feel like the stories we're hearing and the pictures we're seeing are so limited.

    This personalized it on such a powerful level. I truly believe that our love, Light and prayers make a tangible difference and hold people up while they wait for the help they need.

  4. Its so hard to imagine what these poor people are going through. One day you have your home and family around you then GONE swept away.
    It is sad to think of the unrest, fighting and injustice in the world when disasters like this occur. oh for peace. !!

  5. I appreciate what you share!! Thanks much!! E.

  6. It is hard to believe no food has gotten their yet either. Helicopters??? Come on world...Food and water and shelter of any type for right now! The beauty of the Japanese people are shining in these times......Govt. often in this world holds us up!