Monday, March 14, 2011


"Are there Gypsies in Ireland?" I asked Harvey and as the words issued forth, I knew the answer full well.

My question was prompted by anticipation of a group coming to the Manor to entertain the residents for an hour in honor of St. Patrick's Day. The troupe calls itself the Gypsy Folk Ensemble and I did it again......wondered and pondered something for a while before the lightbulb over my head lit up with the remembrance that Google is there to help me with everything I've ever wondered about.

This afternoon four people appeared offering a wealth of information about St. Patrick, who if they're to be believed was Welsh and kidnapped, ultimately reaching Ireland. I, the reluctant student, was far more interested in their folk dancing.

While it came nowhere near "Riverdance", the performance was entertaining. The best part of all was when one of the men played the spoons. I shot a little movie, hoping to share some of his performance with you, but alas, I've forgotten what I learned in my computer lesson about posting movies. Is it because I'm growing older that unless I continuously apply a new skill, in short order I forget all about how to do it?

Here are a few shots of the dancers. The last one is of the man who played the spoons. Until my next lesson you'll have to use your imagination about the sound. Maybe I'll ask for a refresher session tomorrow or I may stick to my original intention of relearning the skill of keeping a spreadsheet so that Mr. Bob doesn't have to agonize another year over the preparation for paying our income taxes. What made me think the task would be easier once we no longer had a retail shop? That's one question that Google can't answer.  For one hour of Irish music this afternoon, I blessedly put aside all thoughts of readying numbers for the IRS

And here's the man who could play the spoons so well.

Don't hold your breath, but there's a chance you'll get to hear him some day in the future. There's no chance that I'll bore you with my spreadsheet if that's what I opt to learn.


  1. Hello Jane, I remember the older gentleman being here before. The young couple looks new to me. I remember two women dancers before. So glad you enjoyed the program. And I enjoy your blogs. E.