Sunday, October 2, 2011


OKAY, here's what really happened last Friday. When I fill in with a story from the past, it means one of two things. Either I'm sick and tired of reporting sick-and-tired Humphrey news or I can't figure out the right words for what's happening. My appointment for the bone scan/chest x-ray/blood test was on Thursday and I thought I had it all figured out. Drive to the hospital for the dye injection, giving it three hours to get to my bones and return for the actual scan plus the other procedures.

Time got away from me and I was about six blocks from home when I looked at the clock and realized that in ten minutes I was to be at a committee meeting to choose the next series of films. See Sept. 3's entry, "MOVIE CRITICS"........the Director of Smut couldn't miss a meeting.

I called the hospital, rearranged my schedule, changing it from Thursday to Friday and with three other residents, chose 29 films for the next 7 months. Hopefully, none with foul language or hanky-panky.

Friday dawned and I went first for a CEA test. Three technicians were on hand. I asked which one was going to be drawing blood. They pointed to the girl who looked about eleven years old. "Are you new at this?", I asked. "Yes." "How many times have you done this?" "Five times". Said I, "Well, I really don't want to hurt your feelings, but I'd rather have a more experienced person do this."

So, with that out of the way, off I went to the radiation department, Tim trailing behind, carrying the bag that held everything I might need. What a good sport he is!

I didn't get the x-ray man's name. It seems a very unusual thing for a patient to be documenting a medical experience. Once in a while a person will decline being photographed, but most are cooperative.

Bone scan time........Mr. Tom looked familiar and sure enough he was the one that put me through a machine a year ago for something not related to cancer.



Next came the feeling of "There! That's all finished." I do love that feeling of accomplishment when something dreaded is over.

Tim named me obsessive when I felt the need to tell the admission clerk that there was something under a chair in the waiting area that might be an M&M, but then again it could be a pill. What if a child ingested it?

We left the hospital to find that it had rained in our absence. Tim was so excited that he came close to splashing in the puddles on the way to the car.

When we arrived at the Manor, Mr. Bob greeted us with the news that the surgeon had called to report that the MRI showed more lesions..... this time in both breasts. So much for my feeling of achievement.

Remember the saying that my friend's mother utters during times of stress? "We'll get through this, but we won't ever look the same." I'm afraid that in my case that's all too true. When I was thinking about new clothes, I didn't mean a prosthesis. Be careful what you wish for.


  1. Oh, Jane. Thoughts and prayers are with you. I know you'll attack this with everything you've got.
    MUCH love,

  2. No. I'm at a loss for words but thinking my best for you...

    Much love,

  3. Jane jane jane....Your ability to talk about it and share about it. Well, the answer for you will come if it is not right there this very minute. I so feel like you do that sense of "more experienced nurse please" that that dreaded exam is done....oh crap...both???? Now comes action...Leave it to our favorite Jane to show the simple we may overlook...rain and puddle walking....My thoughts and prayers are with you

  4. Can't think of anything to say. Sending every iota of positive energy I have.

  5. Same here. Positive energy, good vibes, etc, all heading your way. You've been very brave. I always tell myself, if I have something dreaded I'm facing, "By this time tomorrow, at least THIS will be behind me." Hope these troubling times are behind you very soon. I love that you were thinking of others seeing that little dot under the chair...

  6. I tried to post a comment 2 times and both times it was deleted and not posted. I just wanted to tell you that I am so sorry and so sad to hear this. This is truly a heavy load for both of you to carry. I will be praying for strength and energy for you to fight this thing, and that it will all soon be in the past and part of your wonderful archives file. I so appreciate all your hard work and efforts to keep those Manorisms coming to us. Hopefully it will be part of your healing process and not just another burden or obligation for you.

    Love, edie

  7. Your photos are an example to us all - how you manage to keep smiling through a day like that is simply wonderful ! My thoughts and wishes are with you both throughout your troubled times, I wish there was something more concrete I could do ! I know you'll keep strong !

  8. Unable to post on the last two manorisms - "susan h writes: I would have painfully gotten myself to the ground and eaten the th object and eaten it m & m or otherwise. I have eaten candy out of the couch coushins even not under stress. Yes you are brave, and I love that you advocated for a more experienced blood drawer. And Tim is cute in the puddles. positive waves to both you and dad ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"
    Susan H.

  9. Stay strong Babe ! You are a winner ! AND a great woman who has done so much to help all of us !
    A Non Y Mouse