Wednesday, October 26, 2011


THE MORNING was chilly. The rain-dampened sidewalks dried in time for the invited pastors to assemble for lunch at the Manor and the dining room was filled with people of the cloth. Pray tell, where were the residents to dine? Downstairs, that's where. Tables had been set up, part of the kitchen crew were serving.......dinner went off without a hitch.

The special Manor salad was followed by pork loin garnished with apple slices, roasted potatoes and a medley of vegetables. Dessert was a maple pumpkin cheesecake topped with almond brittle. Sigh....................

Each table held two centerpieces of posies in the colors of autumn which were raffled off after we ate. Mr. Bob was one of the lucky winners, such a rarity for us. Aside from the bi-weekly Bingo evenings, we've rarely been prize winners.

The Powers That Be could have just told us they were sorry for the inconvenience; instead, each place setting had a note of thanks signed by the executive director and the CEO along with a golden box holding one delicious chocolate truffle.

There were a lot of centerpieces to be won and by the time Cindy got to the grand prize, I wasn't paying much attention. Somehow the winning number penetrated my subconscious. Did she say "4-9-3"?
It didn't seem within the realm of possibility but sure enough, that was the number on my ticket. I'd won a catered dinner for up to ten people!

It's a sign to me that, high risk or not, I HAVE to come through my Halloween surgery, somewhat intact, to collect my winnings.

"Forget the lottery. 

Bet on yourself instead."
                                                                         Brian Koslow


  1. I WANT THAT PRIZE!!!! Sell it to me and my Christmas dinner worries are over. PLEEEZE! If I end up with 11 guests, off with one head. I usually have 10, in the Lounge on Dec 24/25. Haven't decided.

    I'll make it worth your while heh heh heh.

    To think while I was dining with the room full of clergy, you won this, the answer to a all my problems . Let's hear from you.

  2. susan h writes: Who will be the other five you invite? hmmmm

    You both just look so great, are you sure you have cancer?

  3. fantastic!!

    denise f

  4. Oh, Jane! For some reason, this is another post that made me cry. How incredible that you both won. You've more than earned your flowers and dinner!

  5. I agree with Susan. You both look great!

  6. Carol writes. Congratulations on your winnings, you deserve everything you can get. Great picture of you both.
    I know Monday is scary but know you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. Congratulations! You both look so happy!

  8. Winners....Do i ssee winners in my midst!! The 1st was meant to be. Noone having surgery on that day will have the experience you will. You will come through it and live to tell us about it. Yep.. then you will invite 8 more friends to share it with during the month of November or December!!!! Good times!!!!

  9. To look at this final photo of the two of you, one would never know all the difficult things you have recently endured. What a wonderful photo, and what great luck! Can't wait to hear how you celebrate your good fortune! Congratulations!

  10. Wonderful to have something now and in the future to smile about, and you two are so good at the smiling bit ! Suzan.