Sunday, October 30, 2011


THE CHILDREN HAVE COME HOME and I slept like a baby...... the whole night through which is unheard of. They all have lives of their own or I might coax them to move back in with us which would prove our dysfunctional nature beyond doubt.

What did we ever do before the modern day electronics? This morning we received a text from our elder Alaskan grandson with a picture to prove that they've had their first snow up there which is exciting each year. And on his Vietnamese bus ride, Chris sent us a little movie of the television entertainment (no subtitles and quite a lot of Asian music) with the caption "Are we there yet?" And now Susan and Chris are giggling their way through composing a song.

There's been talk of my upcoming "discomboobulation"....Tim gets credit for coining the phrase and while I fully expect to be discombobulated tomorrow morning as I enter the operating arena, the extra "o" is right on.

Something to remember is that much as I love all the interaction with you lovely people, I'm shy about having hospital visitors beyond immediate family. Every room at the hospital is private and very small and we easily fill up the room. Please don't think I'm being unfriendly.........false pride must enter into it somehow.

When I reminded the doctor that the surgery was scheduled on Hallowe'en he said he would be the one dressed as a surgeon and then he said, "And you"..............pause.............."will be Lady Godiva". Until that point, I'd pictured myself fully clothed during the coming ordeal.

Shelley, Mr. Bob's niece's daughter, joined us this morning for the Manor's Champagne Brunch in a sort of early hour Last Supper.

       So here's my immediate cheering section. I'm grateful that the good wishes fan out into your hearts and minds, too. Thanks for letting me know that.

I'll be back just as soon as I can.



  1. What beautiful family photos. How great to see the whole family together. :)

    Love and Prayers to You All--


  2. I loved visiting with all of you! Love, Shelley

  3. Lots of LOVE follows you tomorrow! Will look forward to your update when you feel like it.

    Your family is AMAZING!

    Hugs to all, Lisa

  4. Jane------------------------We are you cheering section way out in cyber land. I will look forward to visiting you one day at Windsor.....not a day before. That family of yours stands ready for the discomboobalation!! Loving support by family is all you need.....With hopes all goes as wished!

  5. Dear "Lady G" -- you made me laugh with your remark about proving the dysfunctional nature of your reply is, "Ain't we all??"

    Nice to hear your surgeon is coming appropriately attired and has a sense of humor. There oughta be a requirement for that in med. school.

    May there be many more "Suppers"! Sending heartfelt good wishes for your discomboobulation! (Tim is brilliant!) Love, Jeannie

  6. Thoughts, prayers, and a quick healing!

  7. We're with you, Jane and Family! P.S. LOVE your surgeon's sense of humor. Thanks for sharing.

    Laurie McF

  8. Yes, we are all with you in thoughts, Jane. You all look beautiful, and it will be so comforting to have family enveloping you in your journey. All the best to you! I love Tim's take on things. Keep up that spirit! Cyber hugs to you all!

  9. Wonderful Mug Shots!!!, of Your Motley crew!!, Miss Jane, all our thoughts and good wishes, are with You today,from over the Big Pond.
    Your Friends,
    The Wrinklies

  10. It's been said above. Just one more point -having the family you have to support you is a priceless gift. Doubt luck had anything to do with it.

    Love, prayers from Jeanne

  11. I am thinking of you every day ! LaVona
    A Non Y Mouse

  12. How wonderful to have such a supportive family around you. You are in our thoughts.
    Love & hugs from Val & Rob in the UK xx

  13. I'm not sure why but my blog post disappeared. I can only post on the blog from a Windows machine and I have Linux.

    Please know how much I care and thank you, Susan, for letting us know how your Mother is doing. I've been thinking about her, your Dad and three super terrific children of theirs morning, noon and night.

    If I did something that was "not good" in my only blog post that was put up LATE the night before her surgery. It was there for sure. PLEASE let me know, as it is very difficult to scurry around to try to find Windows to post to the blog.

    I just wanted to chime in..BEFORE..the surgery. Hope Jane got to see my post. Praying as always..for Jane and Bob.

    Much love...