Friday, October 7, 2011


MOST OF THE MANOR folks will be celebrating Country Days today with music, games, special food. The Humphrey gang will be going from hospital to hospital getting more tests. Which would I rather be doing? Even though I'm not particularly big on fairs, I'd rather be here, tapping my toe to the banjo band that's scheduled to play. I quite like banjo music, at least for a while. 

The man who draws caricatures is quite good, but I doubt that we need another one. We're supposed to be getting rid of things, not gathering more.

But I do hope we get back in time for me to get my palm read. The woman who does it is astonishingly good (how could she know that I like to write?). Her name is Geraldine Saunders and she's the one who wrote "The Love Boat" which if you didn't know it as a book, surely you paused sometime while switching channels enough to be familiar with the title. Even if we don't return before the fair closes down, there's a little comfort in observing that my life line is still good and strong. At least that's something.


  1. Great ! Havin" fun there, LaV or A Non Y Mouse

  2. I hope maybe you can get back and relax some. And I hope that's a good, long lifeline there. With much happiness thrown in as well. Take good care, Jane and Bob...

  3. Jane...I hope you got some good news on the DR's visits. I know the fair missed you!!