Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I didn't recall this trip being so close to the holidays. What I do remember is having the car break down and needing to rent a vehicle to get to Portland and then being too sick to get off the ship. As we were being towed over the Siskiyou Mountains at night in the rain, we learned from the driver of the  truck how to successfully reheat prime rib. Odd, that. Ask, if interested, and I'll tell.

This was in Monterey and I remember that Mr. Bob said he would never stay in that hotel again. It was a renovated Victorian inn and the elevator wasn't working. These sketches were drawn in a nearby pub.

This was before I'd learned to date every entry. We were on our way to San Diego where we took a 2 night cruise to Baja, California (Mexico) with friends.

How I miss our own stand of sweet peas. Rather than the blooms behind, I gathered a bunch to take with us on a trip to Oakland to see Chris and Frances.

This was the result of "fooling around" on slick paper when I first started dabbling with watercolor. I love the hills of central California, green in the spring and dotted with the dark green of oak trees and I was unusually pleased with the clouds.

We always enjoyed this restaurant when we went north. Their garlicky chicken wings were the best! Another nearby restaurant had unbelievably good waffles. 

I think this was the last time I sketched, but I'm going to make a concentrated effort to start again. 

The same trip as the first sketch above. One should note location, for I'd have sworn this was done on the banks of the Mississippi, but I guess it was the Columbia River. Maybe if you've seen one river you've seen 'em all.......a little like bays and golf courses. Mr. Bob would argue that, but he's asleep.

"I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine."
                                ~Caskie Stinnett


  1. I love your artwork, Jane. Did people often inquire about it while your sketched? I imagine you met many people that way.

  2. You have way too much talent. Your sketches are definitely the ones I would have done ,had I been given any talent. ( Two hours of art a day in high school resulted in nada ).

    For you to quit is criminal. So there.

    Seething envy from next door...#409

  3. I love your sketches - they convey so much !

  4. Do keep up the great work! You are so good !
    A Non Y Mouse

  5. I don't remember ever seeing the sketch of Owen and Frances. You really captured them well.

  6. I LOVE your sketches! You are extremely talented!
    Love, Shelley

  7. Thank you for sharing your sketches and insights. Love both!!! Tell Mr. Bob that his love of duplicate numbers requires a special kiss next month...11/11/11 at 11:11 either A.M. or P.M. (or better yet...both, just for good measure!!!

  8. aongarcia said:
    Jane, I just reviewed your travel diary with the great great sketches and loved it. You certainly have not lost the artistic touch and I wish you'd get back to it daily! The illustrations were enchanting and alive, the descriptions wonderful. You have a way with witty, detailed prose. I laughed about the "like the color" of your dress and the way you illustrated that. I tried to leave commentary under the entry, but couldn't figure what to do about password.