Saturday, October 29, 2011


I AROSE THIS MORNING, vowing that there be no tears today. Enough is really quite enough and I used over my quota yesterday. As I do every morning, first thing, I looked at the mail and the blog (always hungry for your precious comments which make me feel so connected to the outside world) and facebook. It was on facebook that I found the following and yes, I've cried already this morning but they were happy tears and I'm not even dressed yet!

Chris HumphreyToday I return home, to help my mother prepare for the first step in her journey as a breast cancer survivor.· · about an hour ago near Fairview, CA ·

Susan Humphrey I am at the Anchorage airport waiting for my departing flight to also return home to help my mohter, father, brothers feel supported during this important time.

GOD BLESS ALL OF cherished family, my dear friends, far and near, some of whom I've never even met face to face. You're all playing such an important part in this unfolding scenario. 

Help's coming, Bob and Tim! 

Thank you.
And again, thank you.

"Homecoming unites

 the past and the present."
                                     author unknown                   


  1. Thoughts, prayers, and healing to all of you!

  2. Can't wait to see Susan, and would love to see you, too, but don't want to "butt in" to family time. I'll wait to hear from you if and when the time is right. (I'm in the book.) Much love to all! Laurie McF

  3. Dear Jane,
    You are a lady of great courage and I will be sending you warm healing thoughts as you undergo surgery and recovery. It's gratifying to know that you are surrounded by your extraordinarily loving family and supported by a marvelous facility. Your surgery will be successful and you will heal better than anyone anticipated. My thoughts are with you.

  4. Here's what I know for sure---the Humphrey clan is a cut above! Loving thoughts are with you all as you gather to support the woman we all love dearly! Safe travels!

  5. Hi Jane….What would one do without family and friends. I shudder to think. And you are so lucky that your kids can and will drop everything and be there for you and Bob. I almost feel as badly for Bob as for you….with what he has gone through and then to think of the person he loves most in the world to have to go through some of the same stuff….panic, fear, resignation, hopefulness, determination etc.etc…..The person who said "life is not fair" was sure right….
    but you both will be "survivors" (love Chris's thought) because you are just that kind of people….Keep up with those positive thoughts….Prayers, hugs, wishes, thoughts, etc.etc. are with you all for the next few days…..Maybe Susan (or Chris or Tim) will post on your blog so we will know what is going on….Love to all although the others do now know me….but I feel as if I know them….Rusti

  6. You probably are not surprised that I think of you each day I pass by Lake George.

  7. Dear Jane & Bob. As you travel this road together just remember how much you both are loved. Carol

  8. Oh, Jane, I'm crying, too. You have a wonderful family, and a family of friends as well, who care very much about both of you. All the best...xo

  9. No words can assuage or balm, but I feel compelled to share those of William Faulkner given at his Nobel Prize acceptance. "I believe that man will not merely endure: he will prevail. He is immortal, not because he alone among creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance."
    I'm so sorry that you must endure, but I'm confident that you will prevail. Much love.

  10. Hi Jane--Just want you to know I'm thinking of you and praying that you come through this ordeal safely. You have shown remarkable courage so far, and thank you for sharing this frightening experience with your many friends. Not many people have what it takes to write such personal feelings as you do so well. Surely some of your readers are comforted and encouraged as they deal with their own fears and feelings of helplessness.

    It appears to me your basic internal fortitude and love of life are going to carry you through with flying colors. Lots of love is coming your way, and I'm looking forward to hearing all is well whenever you feel like sharing again. Joy

  11. Although we can't be there, Jane, remember we're all supporting you too in whatever way we can - sending love and good wishes across the sea.

  12. you will be held up by a million invisible hands. let them hold you up. you've held up your share!

    denise f

  13. Denise and so many others have shared all i could have said as well. Bob and yourself on this path....You have allowed us to be part of your life each day. Wow oh wow did you get side swiped in a way no one expected. I so agree how your family shows what love is in their ability and desire to be here...coming now to help Mom, Dad and brother already here. The light you shine from with-in comes to us in your blog. The love and support for your recovery is a circle of those you know, barely know and only know this this blog.Any one ready to be of service however you need.

  14. A lot of zooming around to find a Windows computer, as it's the only way I can comment on your blog....but HAD to do it before Halloween day morning so you'd see it before your surgery.

    PLEASE KNOW HOW MUCH YOU ARE BEING PRAYED FOR..loved and cared about. You and Bob both.

    I have added your family as Facebook friends if they want to accept. SO much easier to send e-mail that way..but will NEVER leave flickr and love it most.

    I want you to are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE AUTHOR...I could read your "works" forever and a day. Your writing holds my interest, is so amusing and always written with so much wit and care.

    Tomorrow is a difficult day. Your children and Mr. Bob surround you. They love you more than anything. We love you too. Don't ever doubt that.

    I wish so badly I could give you a gentle hug. Not that it would help you...but I think it would help me.

    God Bless you, Jane and your entire family.

  15. Love to you and Bob. I feel like I've known you for so long, though we've only known each other via the internet. you feel like a long time friend. You are both in our prayers and we wish you the very best. Much love.

  16. Reading this late. Everything has been said by those articulate friends and your family. So, ditto, more of the same. Today was the day and I don't know anything. So going on with thoughts and prayers for quick healing and no problems. Love, Jeanne