Sunday, October 23, 2011


THE DISCOMFORT of the MRIs and the biopsies are behind me, but my smashed fingers remind me that I had an experience. It could have been worse had I not signaled that something was terribly wrong. As it is I got by with minor bruises, some scrapes and a diagonal cut reminiscent of how you'd make a plain radish into something decorative.

Tears flowed at the pain
Silent agony expressed
I won't press charges.

Remember the Q&A Journal I bought myself last August on one of Tim's Sunday Parents' Days? There's a question each day and places to answer for the next five years. Some of the questions this past week have been:

  • What's the most valuable thing you own? (my grandmother's Regina music box)
  • What famous living person would you like to meet for drinks? (still considering an answer to that one)
  • What was your last credit card purchase? (Books for the Manor library)
  • Who do you count on? (Before chemo, Bob; now, the kids.)
  • What new word have you learned? (Our new neighbor across the hall is French and has the most delightful accent, even after living  in Glendale for 35 years. She told me her favorite red wine which is "like velvet on the tongue" and now my new word is "Chateauneuf du Pape".)
Yesterday's directive was "write a haiku about your day.  5 syllables/7syllables/5 syllables". Mine is pathetic and has no graceful flow whatsoever but it sums up our Saturday:
           On Sundays Tim comes

           Painting in Pomona calls
           So today he's here.

Certainly nothing to brag about. Tim's helping his friend paint the newly purchased condo this Sunday. He came with Tulip yesterday. and took my grocery lists, returning with every single item. Someone taught that boy how to shop! Could it have been his mother? While he was gone, Tulip missed him and most of the time sat against the door awaiting Tim's return.

The Master has gone
On a search for provisions
Why did he leave me?

Company coming?
                 And your house is a big mess?

Just put on lipstick.


  1. Tulip should put out a book of Dog Haiku!


  2. I'm so glad I met his dog!!! That is a face among faces! I LOVED him. If he gets "napped" look to your right!

    Have fun this might as well. Would it make things better if you didn't?

  3. Hope your finger will heal up all right! Yikes! Tulip looks quite sophisticated sitting there with Bob. Wonderful haikus, and interesting set of questions/answers.

  4. Creating haiku
    Is not at all effortless
    It's actually
    :) XO

  5. Great entry ! A Non Y Mouse

  6. G
    reat entry..does this mean Tim shares the pup still!!!?

  7. Until the condo is ready to move in, Tim shares Tulip.

  8. susan writes: The most valuable thing I own - star earrings my mother gave me.
    Neither the Dali Lama or I drink but I would like to meet him, maybe he does drink.
    They won't issue me credit cards.
    I count on myself. Jill was the one I counted on for too much I over did our friendship.
    New words, do the made up words of Sarah Palin count?

    I so far away
    My heart heavy with concern
    Be still surrender

  9. Somewhere in me i hope the condo runs into trouble! Tulip looks happy! Tim is a great step Dad!