Saturday, January 1, 2011


With a "code id by nose", I retired early last evening, not waiting for midnight. Mr. Bob followed. Old folks we are and not much fun, sometimes.

This morning we grappled our way out of bed with the idea of watching the Rose Parade on television. As my foot hit the floor, I heard the drone of the stealth bomber.......too late to see it. Darn!One New Year's morning I was able to get out the door and into the front yard in time to see it fly low, right over our house. It was a thrill of a lifetime and when I yelled to Mr. Bob to HURRY UP and come see it, he..........who is obsessive about anything aviational, called back, "I already saw it on television". I could not believe my ears, so it was just the neighbor across the street and I who marveled at the experience and gave each other a thumbs up. And I'll never let that astonishing story die.

This morning Bob got to the living room first and switched on the television set. When I entered the room, he wasn't watching the parade, but craning his neck out the window, taking pictures of the
zeppelin ........... the same one that Christopher and Owen had the honor of naming, if you can remember back to when I wrote about that.

Having a blog really cuts down on conversational possibilities. I go to tell someone something that I consider interesting and most often, their response, when I'm two sentences into the telling, is "Oh, yes, I read about that in your blog".

Pasadena is just beyond the dip in the mountains that we can see out of our windows. Part of Mr. Bob's excitement was in being able to see both the zeppelin and a Goodyear blimp.

Phone calls and text messages have come from Alaska and from Tim in Hollywood this morning, wishing us a happy 2011. We're bound and determined that if things work out, and we mean to see that they do, this new year will be one of the best yet. That's our hope for you, too, as we begin to imprint this fresh new pad of a year.  As our Susan said, at 6 years old, on January 1 when she flounced into the room chirping, "Well, has everybody made their revolutions?" I have, Mr. Bob doesn't believe in them, and you? Happy New Year to you all. Realize that you are appreciated.


  1. I thought of you two when Owen and I watched the plane on TV this morning. Dad should submit his Zeppelin photo to their sighting blog ( We didn't name it, we just guessed the name correctly.

  2. Hi Miss Jane, We both had the pleasure of, Being with Nancy and Michael, one Rose Parade day, when that Big Old Bird flew right over Rose Cottage, thankyou for bringing that memory back.Happy New Year to Yaa Aal in The Manor.
    Kind regards,
    Two wrinklies

  3. susan writes: You and Dad are appreciated too. I loved seeing some of the floats in the parade that we saw being made. I missed Paula Dean. I think Justin may have slept through it. He had asked for a wake up call. He didn't answer. Tim reminded me while down there that for years, when we were little, you didn't tell us the parade was right over the hill. funny. This is going to be the best year ever. Abe Lincoln,"People are as happy as they make up their minds to be." Happy New Year All!!!!!!

  4. Great stories in 2010 and so be it in 2011. " )
    Anon Y Mouse

  5. The great Stealth Passover, why does the Lord continue to ignore central Minnesota?

  6. Ted, you have ice fishing. We don't. Uffda!

  7. Love your pots. joined my Dog rescue and Cat rescue and stayed over if frigid calif. temps to watch the parade from the front row Colorado/Hill.....We were not on TV side..but we did see Paula Deens pearly whites....I have not done this is 20 plus years. Wow!!!! I do miss the commentary yet the floats in person are beautiful! The fly over was STUNNING!!!!! That you all for you shares and Janes's blog. I wish us all wonderfully blessed days n 2011!

  8. Melanie aka califdwellerJanuary 6, 2011 at 3:15 PM

    Hi Jane -
    Happy New Year to you and Mr. Bob - I thought of you when I saw the stealth fly over - it seemed to not be as close to us as it usually is...I caught a few seconds of it on the camera - the film is on my you tube site under - guess what? califdweller :-)
    See you 'round the hairdresser's this year hopefully?