Monday, January 31, 2011


Meet Mickey

And this is Nadine
We met them when they moved to the Manor last November. We resonated.......isn't it funny how there can be perfectly nice and interesting people in your life, but once in a while an honest-to-goodness and lovely chord is struck that is a little different than most of the associations that have come about? 'Twas so with these new residents. 

Some people at the Manor arrange to sit together for meals. We, and Nadine and Mickey agree, like to sit at different tables in order to get to know people. We're perfectly happy to go where the hostess directs us. By chance, we sometimes get to sit together and the delight seems to be mutual.

Mickey is an unrelenting tease, or at least I hope he was feigning boredom in this picture.

Tomorrow will mark their 70th wedding anniversary.
I ask you. Isn't that awesome?


  1. That IS awesome! What a great looking couple!

  2. Is your new home anything like a cruise ship?

  3. I don't know if I've heard of anyone celebrating a 70th!

    Pass along best wishes to both!!!!

  4. Ted, it's a lot like a cruise ship that never leaves the dock......very much like the Queen Mary.

  5. Wow... 70.... I guess an occasional look of boredom is OK! Fun.....

  6. It is quite obvious that the four of you have formed a beautiful friendship. I feel fortunate to benefit from the friendship as well. My Bob and I thank you and your Bob for celebrating with us. Love, Timi

  7. Send best wishes and congratulations to Nadine and Mickey from Jack and I. Marilyn Chrisman

  8. Happy Days Ahead !!!!!!
    ANon Y Mouse

  9. My goodness how amazing and wonderful,they look so happy.
    Congratulations and best wishes to them both.

  10. Wow--70 years--that's fabulous! Wonderful photos.

  11. Finest Wishes to the nicest couple!

    Finest Wishes for the honour of your 70 years together!
    Jane Drevescraft

  12. Thank you for the delightful pictures of Mickey and Nadine and for being such a delightful dinner companion at their celebration. I am so thankful that you have formed this wonderful friendship with them and that you have allowed me to be a part of it. T. O. Joanne