Sunday, January 23, 2011


Where did you come from, baby dear?

Out of the Everywhere and into here.
~George MacDonald, 

"At the Back of the North Wind"

Mr. Bob and I are great-grandparents with little chance of ever seeing our granddaughter, Asher. For one thing, she resides in Alaska and for another, the mother and father are estranged and although our grandson, Ryan, is trying to gain custody, it seems  that the courts usually favor the child being with the mother. For most of her first year, pictures were coming through and we had to be content to marvel and ooh and aah from afar.

Have you noticed how events seem to come in clusters? All of a sudden we get a rash of wedding announcements or more somber, we have a lot of funerals and memorials to attend in quick succession. It seems to be that way currently with babies in our world. Two of the servers in the dining room at the Manor took maternity leave and I've met one of the little ones. Wyatt came to visit and his Mama asked, "Would you like to hold him?" 

Well, yes, indeed I would. What a pleasure it is to hold a baby close, feeling the heft and warmth of a new little being and marveling at what lies ahead......all the opportunities and discoveries and wonders to come. What a privilege it was the day he came to visit.

Isabel came to see the residents one day, also. There's no question but that people our age revel in being around new life. Our own babies were born with no hair whatsoever, so it's a treat to see babies who only have to work on growing teeth, never mind getting hair to emerge.

Remember a while back when I posted this photo of new grandparents? We were lucky enough to meet young William James last Friday. He slept right through our meeting, reminding me that somewhere long ago I read the statement that there was never a child so wonderful that his mother wasn't happy to see him asleep. Here is little William, another miracle of the Universe:

"A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on."  ~Carl Sandburg


  1. Look at the hair on that baby! I can almost smell that baby smell from here.

  2. You've reignited my desire to hold an infant.

  3. Carl Sandburg was so right. Wonderful photos here! I wish your great-granddaughter could know you two--she'd be enriched for the experience.

  4. All the posts above me spoke what i feel.....What a beautiful post and yes....i hope the estrangement can be worked out......prayers to them.....

  5. I love this post! You look fabulous holding the baby! I pray that Asher will have BOTH parents in her life. Dads are VERY important for all children!

  6. Yes, babies are a blessing. I am glad to see you got to snuggle with one. I love the way Bob is looking on so enthusiasticly in the photo! Priceless!
    Today my youngest grandchild, who just turned one, had her 1st chance to run barefoot in the grass. At first she didn't know what to make of the strange feeling under her toes but then she loved the freedom of being able to just run around on the big green space! Big smile appeared and she ran everywhere, around the lemon tree, the flower beds and along the hedges. Oh happy days!