Wednesday, January 12, 2011


No rhyme or reason to what I'm sharing with you today. Stories are too short to use for a whole blog.

Something I learned when I belonged to Weight Watchers.
It is possible to buy just one piece of See's candy.

 The Falala days are over but the poinsettia lingers on, losing one leaf at a time, one bract after another. The flower still brings pleasure, but I guess I should retire the sign.

My camera didn't spring into action until this double load of oranges was nearly out of sight. I wondered why it doesn't arrive at its destination as a truckload of juice?

One by one all of my favorite little independently owned shops are folding their tents and fading away. This is one of the latest. Birds of a Feather, in Cambria is now going to do business online rather than from a storefront, but it just ain't the same.

Squirrels were the bane of Mr. Bob's existence. And when they figured out how to get to his bird seed, he was nearly beside himself. That's one feature that I don't think he misses in his new living arrangement.

As aggravating as the squirrels were, the hummingbirds were a delight. The bubbling water jar had a history and was especially cherished by me since it was a gift from Mr. Bob; a gift that took 2 years to manifest. Now it's in a friend's garden.

I love this photo. Taken at my high school's 58th reunion, it, for some reason, strikes me as a perfect picture of a crowd. By and large, I felt invisible during my high school years and at the reunion my name tag kept falling off. Not sure about attending the 60th in September.

It's hard to resist a reflection photo shot. It's so much easier than setting up the camera for a timed release picture. Here, we're being silly in a Home Goods store.

Spotted a few years ago in Oakland, I loved the brevity of this poignant message. I may not know how to mince words, but I appreciate the ability of others.


  1. Birds of a Feather is going out of business? Bummer. I always like that store.

    We are blasted with snow today, and we have no school. Hooway!

  2. Once I decided to abandon the birds and befriend the squirrels, I became hooked on their energy and charm! I even named the one in my yard and drove to an exclusive location to buy 'Jasper' gourmet sunflower seeds!

    Squirrels are barrels of fun!

    On the subject of poinsettias: It makes me sad when they are all abandoned post-Christmas. I have this unlikely fantasy that I will open a Home for Abandoned Poinsettias and lovingly nurture them for the rest of their vibrant lives. A forest of happy poinsettias would be quite a sight to see!

    , said Lisa.

  3. One year when I had the store, I couldn't bear to toss out the poinsettias, so I painstakingly cut each bract into the shape of a heart and created potted plants for Valentine's Day. The teenagers on my staff at the time thought it was a very cruel act.

  4. Thanks for all the pics.. Love all...the squirrels reach is amazing. He said..thanks Bob!

  5. I always delight in your photos--first of all you have great powers of observation and a fabulous sense of humor to match. A winning combination, for sure.

  6. Jane, I think Cambria is one of the most beautiful spots on earth. I'm sorry to hear they are losing their unique shops, like so many areas are. thank you for stopping by my blog, and I hope you are well at the moment!