Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A whole busload of visitors descended upon the Manor this morning. I don't have the story in its entirety, but to my understanding, there is a retirement home in another suburb of Los Angeles that has been purchased by someone who wants to convert it into another use, namely retail outlets downstairs, medical offices upstairs and the elderly residents have to move on. The saddest part of all is that this is the second time these people have been uprooted. Not exactly an enjoyable activity for people our age.

The purpose for their excursion today was to see if they might like to relocate to Windsor Manor. At lunch we sat with three ladies, one of whom was adamant about not wanting her picture taken, but here are the other two:

This lady was the most eager to talk and had lots of questions about what it's like to live here. She was amazed at our dining room service, since where she now lives, residents have to select at the beginning of the week their menu for the whole week whereas we are given a choice at each meal.

Sadly, there was no opportunity to visit with this woman. Her hearing was too impaired for any sort of conversation, but she did seem to love the picture Mr. Bob took of her. 

After lunch, tours were given of the facility and after a short question and answer period it was time for these transient oldsters to board the bus to go back home. We hope many of them will make the decision to come live in our house. They've certainly perfected the retirement life and would bring new ideas and richness to the daily fabric of our living here.

"Goodbye," we said, "We hope to see you again soon" and we walked with them to the front door and watched as walkers were stowed away in the back of the bus and the wayfarers said their farewells to go home and mull over the wisdom of moving to Windsor Manor. As we know, it's a big decision and not one to be made lightly. The retired Baptist minister said, "My wife and I will need to go home and pray about it, but I think our prayers have already been answered."



  1. From what I've been reading about the aging of the boomers, the need for retirement and assisted living centers should be increasing.

  2. My heart goes out to them, having to go through it all again, but the Manor really does sound pretty nice, so I'm glad they got to meet you all and see it. I wish them lots of luck. Hope the poor woman who was hard of hearing could get a feel for things!

    Yes--we baby boomers are in for an interesting time, I'm sure.

  3. I have been going to school for Gerontology and the living situation is being looked at seriously. What these poor seniors have come into is property worth more for retail than human need. Not all places are equal. I do know at least 50 communities and even though it is a bit older,Windsor Manor is one of my favorite. Mostly because of the staff and the seniors i have known and met.

  4. i think it is so lovely that you greeted them so warmly, it must be so unsettling for them to have to move yet again.
    Windsor Manor comes out top every time I guess.

  5. With you two on the welcoming committee I am certain some of them will be moving in soon!