Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I didn't know the word "achromatic" until a minute ago and I'm not sure how I'd use it in a sentence. As an aside, did you know that an iPad not only has a dictionary, but with a click you can get a robot to say the word for you? I'm going to check it out in a minute.

Last evening I was trying to decide on a subject for today's entry and the truth is that I'm sick nigh unto death of all my photographs. All 24,378 of them. I think it's mostly that I've been cooped up in these 2 rooms for 6 days now and my tolerance for being at home has been surpassed. The nurse came and checked my vital signs (I told her ahead of time that they were normal and I was right) and will see if the doctor prescribes an antibiotic. I seem unable to weather a cold without it settling in my sinuses and staying there until help arrives.

Here are the pictures I decided to share today.

Yours truly, as a baby. I thought it was a recent development that my right eyelid droops, but the condition appears to have been around for 75 years.

On the left......that's Mr. Bob back there, plying his trade as a telephone book compositor. For years he could read upside down and backwards, but couldn't get his fingernails clean.

A silly picture taken in the 1980s by Chris. We used it in our shop window when we lost our lease and had to move to another location.

How's this for priceless? It's Mr. Bob back in the 1960s. Now, when I ask for a pen, he rarely has one in his pocket.

The happy couple in the garden. Taken long enough ago, that big glasses were "in".

No explanation for this. Tim's roller skates, plaid pants, big glasses. Why am I even storing this photo???

Little Bobby Humphrey and his younger sister. He can still remember pinching his leg nervously when this picture was being taken.

Yes, I used to have that bad habit. We didn't know it was bad at the time. And yes, that sunbathing cost me a basal cell carcinoma. We didn't know what we do now about sunbathing, either.

P.S. For your information, it's pronounced "ack-ro-mat-ic".


  1. Oh, how I do love old photos--these are all treasures, Jane! I love these: they're wonderful. Don't toss any of 'em. All of us sunbathed back in the day--I cringe to think of what's ahead of me besides all these wrinkles. Thanks for sharing these--they're great!

  2. How fun!!!! all of them. the plaid pants one made me laugh out loud! You show why documenting life is so important and that many things need to be saved. A picture brings up the past vividly....you with Bobs reading in different ways and the fingernails..and him remembering pinching himself...the closing shop photo. Your pics remind me that who we are is who we are. Let everyone know who we are!!!

  3. denise f in c'ville vaJanuary 4, 2011 at 1:41 PM

    love them. love that big smile on mr. b

  4. I don't know if I ever saw that picture of dad with the phone books.

  5. Well you two were sharpies then too. I took accepted as a given that smoking was grace and suntanning made you healthy. The composing room, however, is a sad one, a reminder that newspapers are on their way out.

  6. Oh ... the best yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A Non Y Mouse

  7. kz typed:
    ...yes, I too have photos of plaid pants (circa 1976). Years later when the girls saw the pictures they were appalled that their mom had dressed that way!

  8. How great to see them jane , they are all so precious. geat memories and big smiles.

  9. I love all these photos, Jane. They are fantastic!!!