Thursday, January 13, 2011


There I sat, having finished the morning blog, both the writing and the reading of others. We always stay up late. And then we get a slow start in the morning, having coffee and tea in our room and maybe a scone or a piece of toast. Many of the Manor residents get up, dressed and downstairs to the dining room for breakfast, perky as all get out. Not the Humphreys.

So there we were yesterday morning, lazing in our night clothes, on the fourth floor which we think of as affording us all the privacy in the world. All of a sudden, what should appear? Two men in a cherry picker, on eye level. It didn't help when Mr. Bob leaped to the window, opening it and removing the screen. He leaned out, aiming the camera and yelled, "Smile!" Lord, Lord, I couldn't get out of there fast enough. We specialize in taking pictures of men in high places but this was a first and an humiliating one at that.

The Manor is having the exterior of the building painted and the men were putting tubing on the wire which somehow will protect the painters lest the wire gets touched. I hope they'll remember to remove it, for it doesn't add anything artistic to my pictures of the view.

P.S. I was up and dressed earlier than usual this morning...... just in case.


  1. the blue sky as ours is a steel grey.

  2. Funny Jane! The spirit of the universe laughed as she watched you lounge through the morning. Lets see what Jane will do when she has an unexpected guest!!!Also, I think if they opened a special dining room for those "less than perky", the room would be filled!!Or close to it!

  3. Great !
    A Non Y Mouse

  4. Gosh what a shock to see 2 male faces at your window. i think you will all have had a good laugh.
    i was sitting in the window of an upstairs (very high building) cafe the other day with a friend when 2 men appeared practically nose to nose with us, having climbed up the scaffolding.
    We did smile !!!!!

  5. Hahaaaaaa! I love this!! You guys kill me. Classic.