Monday, January 24, 2011


I promise, this won't be a regular feature, but enough minor stuff happened last week with accompanying pictures that it's the subject for today.

It was time for the car to be serviced which means sitting in a dreary waiting room for hours upon end. This time I didn't initiate conversation with any of the waiting men. At the end of 2 1/2 hours, new brakes had been put on our car and as we went to pay and collect the car, I said to this man, "Goodbye and good luck" and he said, "It's taking hours to get a lightbulb".
Our Manor shop is open on Tuesday and Saturday, from 9:30 until 11. There we can purchase supplies and snacks and greeting cards. The basket on the end of the table contains the Alaska pins our kids brought to distribute to residents and staff. Problem was,  when they were offered, many folks declined, not needing one more thing to clutter their lives.

One of the women at the Manor heads up a chapter of the Crones which meets once a month. We've gotten the okay for Mr. Bob to attend the meeting next month long enough to take a group picture. He can be known as a "Crony", temporarily.

We went to the Glendale Galleria for a computer lesson at the Apple Store. I usually always admire their window displays. This one shows some of the applications available. Among the ones I have and use are the Huffington Post, CBS Sunday Morning, New York Times, Today Show, Rachel Maddow, a flashlight and numerous others. That's Mr. Bob on the outside, looking in. Below, a passer-by checks out the other display window, which features a hot air balloon carrying a laptop through the air.

And that's pretty much it for the week's activities. One more thing: Lisa, upon reading the entry, TMI, the other day, asked for a photo of my Valentine poinsettia technique. I only cut 1 bract to show the heart shape because this plant is going to be long gone by Feb. 14, but it gives you a general idea.


  1. Thank you, Jane! The poinsettia idea is so original and one I want to remember.

    I hope all your readers are as charmed!

    I love the world through your photographic eye. Such a creative spirit!

    P.S. I also enjoyed your list of aps!

    , said Lisa.

  2. Thanks again......very interesting as i participate in seeing the lives of those in a retirement home daily!!

  3. I like the weekly posts--they're fun. Great photos.

  4. Rusti writes:

    Jane...this quote has to be one of your life mottos....Few people I know are able to see such interesting things right under their noses...most of us seem to go through our days with tunnel vision or at least with blinders on...NOT take it all in and process it.....Thank heavens for people like you....Rusti
    PS....I would write this in the "comment" place, but I can't figure out what to fill in so I can "submit'" it....

  5. Brent writes:

    I love your posts Aunt Jane! Keep'em coming!

  6. If I unfocus my eyes a bit on the picture with "apps" Mr Bob looks like an "app" as well. I wonder if I can upload him onto my Droid?