Wednesday, May 4, 2011


MY CRAFTING DAYS are a thing of the past, so I was at home when the telephone rang, requesting that Mr. Bob come down to take pictures of the hats residents had made in an afternoon activity. On Tuesdays he goes to the Men's Group, so the caller suggested that I be the one with the camera. Later, the receptionist on duty expressed contrition at the idea of our being "on call", as it were, but I felt it had been helpful since our job is to create a picture album of the year's activities.

When I arrived, armed with my trusty little Canon PowerShot, the ladies were putting the finishing touches on their chapeaux, and I was just in time to capture their creations on what we used to call film.   

I, myself, love the idea of wearing hats and I've bought my fair share of them, but when I put them on, I look silly, so off they come.

This little lady is
about as big as a minute. She's the one who professes to being sometimes lonely, so I'm sure she enjoyed the crafting session. On Friday there'll be a
tea in honor of Mother's Day, so the ladies will don their bonnets for that.

“If a woman rebels against high-heeled shoes, she should take care to do it in a very smart hat.
                                    ~ George Bernard Shaw



  1. Susan writes: I have never though much of hats, don't look particular good in hats but after the Royal wedding I have a new found interest in hats. Especially the 'facinators?' the little bitty hats. I do not like the forehead hats at all. The only time I see Alaskan ladies wearing fancy hats is on Sundays when I drive by the Baptist Chuch.

  2. I know how to spell Church

  3. I wore two different hats at Catalina this weekend and am wearing them on my daily walks. Not to mention my fascination with a store that used to be on myrtle avenue called "Frills", which is where my collection of hats came to be started. I am sure these ladies had such fun and Jane.....may be your lack of smile with your hat that made the photo seem sad.I think there is a hat style for all of us.

  4. Susan's remark reminds me of a church sign seen more than a few times around here: "Chch...What's missing?"

  5. Clever, clever church sign. Love it!

  6. "about as big as a minute." Wonderful phrase. These women all look great in their hats--I look awful in them, but I'm envious of people who can carry them off. The last photo of you is priceless, Jane.