Tuesday, May 17, 2011


THIS PHOTO still tickles me no end. It was taken in the play area of our youngest grandson. He, at the time, was taken with imaginary culinary activity. By now he's gone on to other things.

Having shared that with you, it's time to get on with today which consists of

  1. Being interviewed by 2 young students in the Tea Room.
  2. Driving Mr. Bob to a post-op appointment with the doctor.
  3. Back to the Manor for dinner (a choice between Ham & Macaroni Aul Gratin and Apple Cider Chicken)
  4. Co-host a session of the Manor Book Group.
  5. Attend an hour's worth of a Library Committee meeting.
  6. Try to find Carlos in his office to discuss the results of the recent television survey.
  7. Supper......Taco Tuesday........hooway! Remember to take my bottle of Tapatio.
  8. 6:15 p.m. Play Bingo!
  9. Remember to call Gloria about having double-booked on Thursday morning.

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