Monday, May 9, 2011


THERE HAVE BEEN SEVERAL DAYS full of celebration and I'm ready to settle down and get back to normal for a while, but I'll soon be chomping at the bit again to do something out of the ordinary. That's the way I am. Mr. Bob would be happy if life just went on in an even keel, with no highs or lows. Sometimes I wish I were that way.

On Thursday last, it was my 77th birthday. I do like double numbers, maybe because I was born on 5-5. There were cards                 of well wishes slipped under the door
and some arrived in the mail, a remarkable amount, really. And enchiladas for midday dinner and churros for dessert (the other choice was flan and I don't "do" flan) and then a mariachi trio played in the afternoon, not due to my birthday but because it was Cinco de Mayo, which in Los Angeles is a big deal. That evening we went with Tim and a couple who live here in the Manor (which is no longer a Manor....."they" say it'll be 5 years before we stop calling it that)  to a nearby restaurant and ate far too much but the food was excellent.

On Saturday, we attended a 50th wedding anniversary for people we've known nearly forever. Gloria and I went to high school together. One of the pictures on their board reminded me of when I was thinner and glasses were big. Sigh........ the cake was from Porto's which I've told you about and filled with mango mousse, it was sinfully delicious.

We saw people from years past.The weather was perfect for enjoying an outdoor buffet. The years have passed so quickly. We remembered

our younger days and I don't
know about Mr. Bob, but I was reminded that the old gray mare, she ain't.......well, you know the rest.

But there was still more celebrating to do for Mother's Day on Sunday (it rarely falls so close to my birthday......sorry, kids)
I'd made reservations for brunch, so it wasn't exactly what one could call a lazy Sunday as we donned our clothes to get to the restaurant at 9 a.m. where we enjoyed the company of our usual Sunday morning companions, Diane and Roger and our longtime friend, Fiona, who was the one who urged me to open a store back in the 1960s. I paid attention and followed her suggestion, ran it for 37 years before selling it and Fiona, to this day, still maintains her antique shop, going in every day. She's amazing.

Susan and I texted back and forth over a distance of 5000 miles and when we returned home there was an FTD box from our eldest, leaning importantly against our door. Tim remained jolly through all those festivities. God bless him.......that's a lot of Parent Days for someone who enjoys his solitude.

All we ate and drank on those days made me realize that the Manor is a very good place for us to live, where we're not as overfed as cattle in a stockyard. Now it's time to return to reality, but all that celebrating was fun. 

My brother, when he was little, had a saying when he wanted something repeated: "Make it again go", he'd say. Amen


  1. Late Happy Birthday to a gal who is almost a month younger than me !!!!!!!!
    A Non Y Mouse

  2. How sweet, all of it! I'm glad you enjoyed your extra-special days. :)

  3. Karen typed:
    What a super weekend, Jane. A great way to celebrate 77 years.
    Belated Birthday greetings & salutations!

    Sorry I wasn’t able to add the comment online. I tried several times under the anonymous designation and decided to send you the greetings directly. Happy 77!!!

  4. I think it is wonderful that there is so much revelry to be had. See you this weekend.
    Cheers and love, Timi

  5. Happy birthday, Jane!!
    Great weekend!

  6. Happy Happy birthday Jane (i am not much behind you)the years role on.
    Sounds as if you had a lovely day. Cheers .

  7. This is my belated birthday wish to you -- I wish you many more years to enjoy your bubbling creativity and your motivation to share it with others. You are what I think of as "A Mover and a Shaker" and this is so refreshing and nourishing for our Windsor community! So glad you and your gentle "Mr. Bob" chose to move in with us!! Love to you both, Evelyn

  8. I did miss your big day, then--well, it sounds like it was delightful. Have another fabulous ride around the sun!

  9. denise f in c'ville, vaMay 10, 2011 at 1:16 PM

    what beautiful flowers! so glad you're surrounded by love!