Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This picture haunts me.
It was taken several Mother's Days ago.
We were at a restaurant in Claremont.
The woman dined alone.
No one came to join her.
What circumstance would you conjure up
to explain the situation?


  1. That's one INDEPENDENT woman (so many people don't enjoy themselves as dinner companions!). What comes up for me is a woman who opted not to have children and dedicated her life to her career. This is a moment of contemplating that choice.

    I know many women who had children without having a maternal bone in their bodies.

    I salute every woman who was brave enough to know she wasn't cut out for motherhood.

    And, I salute, with great respect, the women who could NOT have children but shared boundless amounts of loving MOTHER energy with all the children who touched their lives.

    And, my heart goes out to the women who lost children and sit quietly with that grief on Mother's Day.

  2. So many stories could go with this image. I like to think she is quite content being along. Maybe it would be perfect if she had a book with her.


  3. Hummmmm. I think she often dines alone and asks for a window seat whenever possible. A wonderful way to be with others in the restaurant, but also a way to share herself with the outdoors. Possibly a mom whose children live far away. She looks outside and envisions the grandkids playing on the grass, watches the sky as if to see a plane that might carry the kids here for the holiday. Looks out and sees herself going away......far away to experience what the world offers...what beyond these breakfast at this restaurant she comes to every day.....after 48 yrs old..my marriage is over...God help me see the path i am on ........and it's goodness and possibilities.

  4. Ooooops...forgot to sign my T.O. Joanne to the above post.

  5. I love that you posted this and that you would take the time to think of this woman and her life situation. I think she is a professor at on of the Claremont colleges and that she has mothered hundreds of young people and sent them on their life path with more knowledge and self respect than they had before she came into their lives. I hope she believes that she has earned a celebratory meal at a place she enjoys and that her memories bring her joy beyond measure.