Friday, May 20, 2011


I MENTIONED YESTERDAY that I no longer can take photographs while driving, now that I'm the driver. There are exceptions once in a great while.

The red light was long enough the other day that I could feverishly whip my little camera out of my purse and snap this before the light turned green.

It made me very happy to capture a volunteer snapdragon growing blithely in the median strip near a busy intersection. God in action.


  1. Exactly. The flowers I see growing from pavement always move me.

  2. Brilliant , well done.

  3. We always have a giggle over your term of Volunteer, as we on this side of the Pond, call them Self Sets, and We must be right???.
    A Controversial Wrinkly.

  4. No doubt you're right, Mr. Wrinkly, but I shall continue to refer to them as volunteers. Keep giggling self-righteously. I still love you.

  5. I meant to include this in today's posting:

    "Fueled by a million created wings of fire
    the rocket tore a tunnel through the sky
    and everybody cheered.

    Fueled only by the mystery of warm,
    moist soil, and a beckoning sun,
    the seedling urged its way through the thicknesses of black -
    and as it pierced the heavy ceiling of soil and launched itself up into outer space -
    no one even clapped."
    (Marcie Hans)

  6. Gorgeous poem, Artist Jane. Thanks for including it!

  7. Very nice. Thanks.

  8. is the little things!

  9. Loved the foto and the poem. You have the eye of a true artist and the heart of a poet...just to observe beauty and know the proper words to pair with it is a gift. T.O. Joanne