Monday, May 23, 2011


LEST YOU THINK Mr. Bob has graduated beyond the need to nap, let me assure you that he still snoozes nearly every day, at least once during what are supposed to be our waking hours. And if he misses those naps, it clouds the domestic climate.

Longtime readers will remember that the reason I've pursued slumber photography so ardently is that I grew up with a father who worked nights; therefore I tiptoed through my response to "Shhh, Daddy's sleeping".

Probably we'd been married a fortnight when I realized I'd married a sleeping man and my unhappiness about it reversed when I realized I could turn his naps into a collection of photographs. If I knew how to use the new printer/scanner, I'd send you some sleeping pictures of our early years, but I don't, so you're spared.

For a long time, I thought I'd turn my collection into "The Insomniac's Bedtime Book", limited edition of one, but that idea has worn itself out through procrastination. My flicker photostream has a set of "The Land of Nod". If you've nothing better to do, look at it one of these days. 108 pictures of people sleeping.

Rest assured that he's used to having his picture taken while he's unconscious  by now and he takes my obsession in stride. So none of this "Poor Bob" stuff, please.

This was a good idea, but didn't last long, as Owen hopped up to go on to the next activity. Not so, Mr. Bob.

Here we are, going somewhere on a bus. Mr. Bob missed some of the scenery.

Eventually, he learned to turn the tables on me and there are a fair amount of photos of yours truly.

I do get drowsy when I read. It wasn't always that way. I suspect that keeping late hours along with a sluggish metabolism is the cause.

I have a feeling we've not seen the end of this series yet. It's too much fun to look for new exposures.

"Consciousness:  that annoying time between naps."  
                                        ~Author Unknown


  1. If I had that comfy couch, I'd be asleep on it, too!!!!

    Snooze on, Mr. Bob. It's good for your health!

    (You look so cute, Jane...did you edit the unbecoming, slobbering sleep photos?)

  2. Bonjour Madam
    Don't mess with a master at his work.

  3. You are an absolute witch! How can Mt. Bob put up with these invasions of his privacy?????

    Pretty funny, tho.
    A non-napper

  4. Love it! Nap time is good! glad to see bob got you. I am guessing he covers his head sometime because he knows you are coming!

  5. Susan H writes: I hate to laugh so hard, especially looking at the last photo. This is retirement for Dad. It needs to be mentioned that he did work hard and diligently, (I know you have mentioned this Mom) for 40 years as a printer and after work helped with Once Upon A Time, rarely a napper in those days, he is catching up. I too am a napper, I fall asleep immediately after buckling my seat belt on a plane, like a baby in a car seat. Justin and Jill would never ever be caught napping, they might miss something. During a Christmas performance we went to I looked over and Jill had nodded off, we passed it off as 'she was checking her clevage.

  6. El Franko sez: In all the years I've known Bob, I've not seen him drool whilst napping. He should be left alone.