Tuesday, May 24, 2011


PRETTY, ISN'T IT? When the beveled glass front doors of the Manor open, it's interesting to note who flows in. Sometimes delivery persons bringing flowers cross the threshold; often it's residents back from outings; visitors, eagerly awaited or people to entertain us.

Yesterday several members of the Verdugo Hills Women's Chorus appeared, scheduled to begin singing at two o'clock.

There's something about the blend of voices in a choir that calls forth emotion. Myself, I
can't carry a tune in a basket, but I used to wish, when our kids were in school, that one of the three would be inspired to join a singing group, but it was not to be.

Every selection that the group sang was beautiful. The one that was most familiar was a medley of songs from Disney's films. I peeked over at Nadine whose husband's longtime career was with Disney and she had a wonderfully happy expression on her lovely face. It reminded me of the time we spent ten whole days at Disney World and Epcot Center. Upon returning home, my smile muscles ached from over-use for a long time..... proving that perhaps those really are the happiest places on earth.

The lady here with white hair was a frequent bookshop customer and when we first moved to the Manor, her husband was in the Health Center during his final illness. I wonder if it was difficult for her to return here, if the memories came flooding back? She gave no sign of it.

The soloists were introduced and one of them read the poem she'd written after the ceremony in which she gained her U.S. citizenship. Then the chorus sang a patriotic song. I treasure those little extra things that take place unexpectedly.

Part of my enjoyment when we go downstairs to listen to entertainment is in observing the reaction of the audience. The pictures I take of residents are important to put in the photo album. It's human nature for people to look for themselves. We try not to disappoint.


  1. What stunning flowers outside those doors, Jane! And what beautiful faces listening to the music.

  2. I'm certain my singing is more and more in disrepair as I age but sing I must.

  3. I love the shot you posted of looking through the door to the flowers. What a beautiful and welcoming sight. I am so happy to see these small glimpses of life at the manor and so thrilled that you have the opportunity to enjoy the outside entertainment that comes your way.
    T.O. Joanne

  4. I love the front doors at the Manor. I also love the photo of the three ladies in the last shot. A variety of expressions kind of like the three blind mice. Glee, humph...and oh my!