Sunday, May 8, 2011



There follows a series of pictures of mothers and daughters. Mind you, these are only the photos we've taken over the months. Some residents have daughters who have not been able to come and visit, or if they did come together, we may not have been around at the opportune moment. And there are mothers of sons who are not included. But here is our salute to Mother's Day, 2011.

Diana, the dining room hostess is celebrating her first Mother's Day as a mom and so is Daffodale, below.

The above photo is the one exception. Our dining room waitress is the mother of her little son, Wyatt William.

Some of the daughters hail from as far away as Paris and Pennsylvania and other points on the East Coast. Some are local. I nearly forgot to include myself with my Alaskan daughter, Susan.


  1. How wonderful!!!! So many look just like Mom! Beautiful!!!

  2. Susan, I hope you look forward to morphing into your own version of your beautiful mother! Who could wish for more than character, humor, curiosity, whimsy, playfulness and creativity in one's own countenance.

    Let's celebrate the best of what we inherited and banish the old negative saws!

  3. Well put, as a teenager I would cringe when told I look just like my mother, I now say, "Thank you" yes, she is beautiful in many ways. I tend to have my fathers attributes, curly hair, tempermental and I love to nap at any given time! Today when my family, Jane, Bob and Tim, called to say Happy Mother's day I said thank you it is the holiday that keeps giving and giving then taking and taking and taking. You would need to know more of my personal life to get the humor of it. Maybe I'll have a blog some day. Loved all the beautiful mother daughter pictures. Happy Mother's Day

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you, Jane, and to your Susan. Beautiful post! And Beautiful mothers.

  5. Jane DrevescraftMay 8, 2011 at 8:20 PM

    Since I've lost my heartstring I loved these photos so much...lots of love showing through~
    Jane Drevescraft

  6. Happy Mother's Day Aunt Janie!

  7. Wonderful, what a grand idea to do that.
    You can see the likeness in so many cases.
    Happy Mothers day to you and all the ladies out there.