Sunday, May 29, 2011


TIM AND I sat in Mr. Bob's hospital room for 7 hours yesterday. What in the world did we do before technology hit the fan? Talk?

The public no longer has to whisper in a library and the same is evidently true of hospitals. You couldn't, if you tried, stage a noisier setting on purpose. The noises just kept coming yesterday, while Mr. Bob and his visitors tried to catch a catnap. I finally stopped trying and opened my electronic notebook and wrote down the sounds I was hearing.......something akin to giant rolling marbles, huge sliding noises, toilets flushing (at the volume we used to hear on "All in the Family" when Archie used the bathroom....remember?) metal dropping, crockery clinking, intercoms, thumping noises, coughing, phones ringing and nearby chatter and laughing in languages that made it utterly impossible to eavesdrop.

Much of that goes on into the night, so Mr. Bob, of all people, required a sleeping pill to get a good night's rest.

Speaking of technology, Tim rigged up something called FaceTime which allows me to call Mr. Bob's iPhone and we can see each other on the screens while we talk.

Isn't that simply amazing???


  1. Bonjour, Robert & Madame.
    You're clearly on the frontier of hospital visiting/staying with your electronics. The updates are great.. now, ALL of you, go get some sleep. It's the day of rest, yknow.

  2. Your medical updates are informative! I am one who DREADS video phones on the best of days! But, video phones while recovering in a hospital are a total NIGHTMARE, as far as I'm concerned! That, and audio chaos at all hours.....

    Mr. Bob, besides the fact that you look wonderful, in spite of what you are going through---you are inspiring me to steer clear of hospitals!!!

    Love and hugs to all!!!!! Rest, recover.....then high tail it home! : )

  3. Thank you! Wow! Technology is crazy. I saw the face time on i phones Mothers Say at my brothers house. I hope on this day all of you talked a bit? I know in the "old days", we would sit still and listen and watch.....for hours and hours. Read a book or matter what Jane. Bob is looking good and soon enough, you two will continue on at the MANOR!!

  4. Hoping all is well but better soon. A Non Y Mouse

  5. OK Aunt Janie, you want to be treated brusquely so I'm not sending an e-hug but rather a fist bump! Yo, girl, hang in there!

    Love, Shelley

  6. Soldier on Roberto!
    -El Franko-

  7. That IS amazing. How good of Tim to help you out and be there with you both. You're all in my thoughts...xoxo

  8. We are holding our breath here-at least on the 4th floor...hoping they find they have made a big too-do about nothing. Give Mr. Bob a big kiss and tell him it came from 409! I'll deal with the consequences later.

  9. It's so good to see Mr. Bob (and all of you) engaged with your e-toys! It's a good sign of healing! FaceTime looks soooo cool!

  10. Wow. I am so technology-illiterate.

    I hope Bob is home soon!