Saturday, May 7, 2011


LET'S SEE if I can make sense of this story. You remember, no doubt, when I wrote about the name change of Southern California Presbyterian Homes. On April 26, it became a community. Some of us are going along with it easily; others are enraged at the idea of losing the word "Manor" in our name. Henceforth we shall be known as "Windsor" or be.Windsor. I highly recommend going to the site and viewing the video.

Last Wednesday, Dan Hutson came from the corporate office to explain further about the name change. Of course the residents who are against it, didn't show up. I've toyed with the idea of changing the name of the blog to

"be.Attitudes" which would be equally appropriate, but the  
name Manorisms was thought

up by Lisa and it's just too good to change, methinks.

So, we listened and were surprised that this blog was fact Mr. Hutson looked in my direction and said he liked my watercolors which caused me to look over my shoulder to see who he meant. Later I opened my computer and clicked on the tag, "watercolors" and discovered that I'd put a link to a whole page of nearly everything I've ever painted, but who would have thought a business man would have the time to peruse such a thing?

and so it went. We were given a little brochure which puts forth the concept of the name change.

The next day was my birthday and when I awakened it was to find Mr. Bob scrabbling through his dresser drawers in search of something which he never did locate. Seems he'd hidden my birthday card so well that he had to improvise and here is what he handed me:

Can you make it out? He's added my name to "the art of being".

On the inside was printed
"be yourself"
and he added "today on your birthday and many more.

Clever man (he tries so hard to make me think he's just an average joe without much intelligence). However, about an hour after he gave me this card I came back into the room and made a phone call, which upset him no end, for it interfered with yet another news program he was watching. So much for being myself.


  1. I LOVE be.Attitudes!!! You have to change. Manor is GONE, GONE, GONE.
    Oh, suit yourself. ou are too clever by a half.

  2. BLOG REQUEST: How did Jane celebrate her birthday?

    With all the name talk-----I'm a bit lost. When I ask, "Where do you live?" You and Bob will answer: _______________________

    If you say Windsor, won't they inquire about the Queen?

    I will be.patient

  3. I loved the name Windsor Manor. Why oh why did they change? For some of us, it will live on in our memories as Windsor.....thank you for th post and Bobs "card"!!!

  4. oh yes...keep manorisms... love it!

  5. I love "manorisms," but then, I'd enjoy whatever you wind up doing here. Did I miss your birthday??! If I did, woe is me. Happy belated, if I did.

  6. Hi Jane. One of my colleagues is beside herself that I made Manorisms before she did. BTW, just because I'm a "business man" doesn't mean I don't appreciate great art!

    Thanks for all you're doing to help tell Windsor's story, and for sharing our evolution with your readers (of which there are many, believe me).