Wednesday, May 18, 2011


ONE THING ABOUT living at the Manor is that one needs to dress decently every single day. None of this scuffling around in ratty clothes on one's "day off". Admittedly, my mood is improved by dressing nicely, but once in a while it's a satisfying thing to throw on shabby old clothes.

Only once did I indulge in a mother/daughter the days when I was still sewing, I made Susan and myself shifts made out of cotton. I can still remember the print.....little, tiny vegetables, realistically rendered on a white background. In general, I'm not fond of the idea of dressing identically. Mr. Bob and I don't wear matching outfits and I'll admit to being silently judgmental when I see spouses dressed alike.

But, here it sometimes happens and I've found it astonishing enough to capture the circumstances on film, just as a matter of curiosity.

I've never had the experience of going to a gathering and meeting someone wearing  a duplicate of my attire, probably because I'm rarely dressed in a fashionable manner. I wonder how I'd feel if that every happened?

My closet is filled to overflowing, because I keep my clothes forever. I have fat clothes and smaller outfits and I marvel at articles I've read on having six articles of clothing to mix and match into umpteen looks. I'm not talented in that direction.

In fact I can't take anything out of the closet without needing to set up the ironing board. We didn't bring one with us when we moved, and it didn't take long for us to realize it would be a worthwhile investment to buy another. Mr. Bob made the mistake of criticizing my ironing ability when we were first married; thus finding himself dubbed the King of the Ironing Board.

Possibly you've noticed that Mr. Bob wears a lot of Hawaiian shirts. Almost all of them are Reyn Spooners and they simply don't wear out, but go on and on, presumably into infinity. You've seen this last picture before. It's a classic. He and Roger inadvertently appeared wearing the same shirt one day. Roger looks like a proud first-grader. Mr. Bob, not so much.


  1. Classy outfits and cool photos, Jane!

    As for me, I agree with Gilda Radnor, who once said:

    I base my fashion taste on what doesn't itch.

  2. Wonderful photos--love the last shot where you captured their faces (and shirts)

  3. Great !!!!!! Anon Y Mouse

  4. Pseudo Frank wrote:

    The last time I wore the same clothes as everyone else was when I was in the Army.

  5. Great all the outfits. So many were so alike...crazy....

  6. When I show up for work dressed like someone else, I take it as confirmation of good taste.