Saturday, May 28, 2011


THE ECHOCARDIOGRAM yesterday morning showed Mr. Bob's heart to be working as efficiently as it did 18 months ago, which was a good sign. Back down the hill we came, feeling much relieved. Lunch on a tray didn't hold any appeal and when I took his temperature, the thermometer registered 102 which was higher than it's been during this illness.

Shortly thereafter, the nurse happened in and taught me that blue lips means to call for help immediately and it was determined that Mr. Bob should be sent to the hospital, an idea that only increased his angst. His oxygen count caused the paramedic to question if he'd understood correctly, it was that low.

When I arrived home last evening I found these pictures on his iPhone. Hard to believe that in the midst of respiratory distress, he took this picture in the ambulance and this self por-
trait in the Emergency Room, before I got there.

Tim joined us after he was through with his temporary stint at UCLA, getting to us through holiday getaway traffic.

At 9:30 before I turned in for the night, I wrote this email to family and a few friends. Surely in my state of mind I left a few people out, so here's the note:

I'm back at the Manor (no matter what they want us to call it),

I left him in charge of the night nurse whose name is Mercy which seems like a good sign. He was in good spirits and not at all blue around the gills. Tim and I went out for Mexican food and I've had a margarita AND Mexican coffee, so I'm feeling no pain.

He seemed more comfortable than he was at home and admitted that it was a better place to be, although at home he tried to get out of going. A lung specialist is being called in to determine whether what shows as a spot on the x-ray is a tumor or an infection. Since fever is involved, I'm voting for an infection.

The more people extend sympathy and caring to me, the more I'm in danger of "losing it", so treat me brusquely when next you see me.

Tim's a Godsend, making me laugh when I want to cry. 

I'm so glad I'm safely on the 4th floor here at Windsor Manor rather than in our house which would be so scary that I wouldn't even sleep with the window open.

I'll send another report tomorrow.


I just this minute talked to him and he sounds relatively chipper, but know how it is during the night in a hospital. It's not exactly restful.

I asked if it'd be okay to blog this experience, not wanting to intrude on his privacy at this point. "Go ahead", was his answer.


  1. Thank you so much for keeping us advised. As I said, Mr. Bob is at the top of my prayer list right along with my family members. How cute that he is now the one providing the excellent fotos in your stead. WHAT A GUY! T.O. Joanne

  2. Keep your pecker up and wish Bob well from England !

  3. Jane......Thank God you both have each other. Also thank you for always sharing the truth of your lives in this blog. I love that Tim makes you laugh and that your son loves to be with his parents.Thank God Bob loves pics and took some for you! Bob is in the right place and thank God his blue lips appeared or he could have just went home as if all was ok.Recovery is here!

  4. You guys are in my thoughts, Bob and Jane.

  5. Bonjour, mes amis.
    Mr. Camera - does he still have it with him because I just don't want to know what he might take a picture of... he always makes us laugh and be amazed. You, too, Madame.

  6. My prayers and my thoughts are with both of you and your family.

    ---The old UPS guy

  7. I wanted to react with alarm the first time you posted -but was allowing you privacy. It's easier to take sympathy electronically, tho. Not looking the person(s) in the eye - that just makes them cry. Prayers from my house to yours. Bob's sweet smiles are very precious around here. We don't want him ill in any way. Love, #409

  8. Well wishes to all !!!!!!!
    A Non Y Mouse

  9. Tiny little moments reveal character and wit---and, most definitely, true grit! Mr. Bob took photos in the ambulance! Such a fascinating viewpoint that let us all share the moment---a moment most would rather skip!

    What a gift you both share with us when you honestly, tenderly, willingly share your story. .

    Thank you for letting us in for this current chapter....You walk through it wrapped in love!

  10. Val & I are both hoping that Mr Bob soon returns in fine health 'to the Manor, born'.
    The Dorsettlers

  11. 100 wishes for wellness!

  12. A brusque chin up and better days ahead, dear Jane.

  13. Jane & Bob,
    Sending you both lots of white light and healing energy.
    Hope that Bob is soon home and things are sorted out.

  14. Oh, Jane, I hadn't been online so I missed all this! I hope Bob is doing ok. Thinking of you both!

  15. For you Jane

    For Mr. Bob
    I hope you get some sleep - those are the least restful places (usually) - better yet, I hope you are home!