Thursday, May 26, 2011


THINGS GO ALONG SMOOTHLY and then bam! a new challenge arises.

Mr. Bob's been coughing more than usual, although with his COPD, a certain amount of hacking is not an unusual sound.

He's complained in the last few days of feeling weak. Then a fever appeared, so off to the doctor we went. He examined and prescribed, ordered an in room chest x-ray and sent us on our way. This morning, the day the same doctor visits the Manor, we checked in to find that it's a mild case of congestive heart failure, which "they" tell me sounds worse than it is, but a visit to the cardiologist was in order.

Dr:     "How about tomorrow morning?"
Jane:  "I'd prefer that he be seen today."
Dr:     "Could you come right now?"
Jane   "Yes"

Upon examination, the Dr. upped a couple of Mr. Bob's medications and told us to come back tomorrow for an echocardiogram.

Laughter is the best medicine.
Once this condition is brought under control, then and only then will it be time to investigate the spot on his right lung.

"Half the modern drugs could well be thrown out the window, 
except that the birds might eat them."  
                                                      ~Martin H. Fischer


  1. Live strong Mr. Bob!!!
    I love that smile on your face
    We have you both in our thoughts & heart

  2. Allo, Robert
    It's another hurdle in the life of a sleepy head. You've got a lot of people there for you; and, moi - j't'aime.
    Your not-really French pen pal

  3. Do well Max !!!!!!!!!! A Non Y Mouse

  4. Bob's sister and niece are praying for him... xoxo

  5. Looking forward to good news!

  6. So glad that you took the time and made the effort to check this out early on. Sometimes we let things go because it seems unnecessary to make another trip to the doctor for a cough or a mild fever. You're on my prayer list. T.O. Joanne

  7. Thank heavens you stuck to your guns and went that day. My father in 2000 waited and got wrongly diagnosed, waited and had a squamous cancer eventually kill him. Do what you can NOW. That is you Jane. Thank you! With knowledge can come proper care!

  8. Yaa cain,t keep a good Man down Jane, hang in there Mr Bob, looks lkie yaa loving the attention of the young Gels!!!
    Beast wishes,
    The Wrinklies