Friday, May 13, 2011


IT WAS ON MARCH 28 that I posted an entry entitled "Out of sorts" about our being angry at each other on a day we were to report for a photo shoot. Somehow, we got through it, but as we left the room, I told Mr. Bob, through clenched teeth, that beyond doubt any pictures would surely end up on the cutting room floor.

And that, so far as I was concerned, was that. We got over our mutual mad and life went on, but the other morning on our way to the parking lot, Jeanette called me back and handed me a tear sheet. I couldn't believe my eyes. Here's what I was looking at:

Underneath the photo this is the copy:

Take his hand. At Windsor, being the couple you've always been is made easy. Fun isn't an's included. Feeling young again and sharing new experiences are all part of the package in our senior living community. We're here to connect you to what you want most in be yourself.

It's an ad that went in to a local newspaper and it doesn't say a word about how we also have the right to be.angry. 

I meant in that post to send you to this link and I urge you to look at the video. Jane and Mr. Bob are not to be seen there, but I think it's a very well-produced look at the place that we've chosen to reside.
When your time comes, you might consider being our neighbor. We haven't regretted our decision, not for a minute.


  1. Y0u two are the Poster Kids for FUN!

  2. But not really, when you know the whole story.

  3. Don't want to know the whole story, the poster is enough.

  4. Good thing you didn't need to dance "all night"! I keep thinking about a picture being worth a 1000 words! Ha! It is such a marvelous photo of both of you!

  5. Susan H. writes: Yup their my folks. Happy, happy, happy! 5 more years and a lot of money and I too can live at the Manor. Smile

  6. Susan H. writes: I really do know the proper use of the English lanuage and how to spell most words, this is not reflected in many of my postings. I am in a public place and that may have something to do with it?