Wednesday, January 18, 2012


AS A CHILD, I didn't like to ride on my father's shoulders. I can remember the sensation quite vividly, even today, some 75 years later. However, there's something fascinating about seeing people in high places. Almost always, they are men and back during the last Presidential campaign, I did a piece for the web log, entitling it "MEN IN HIGH PLACES"  with several pictures.

These 3 are new pictures of men in high places and I was proud of myself in the first post of tying it to the election by daring to say that I hoped that Barack Obama would soon be in a high place.

Well........that's when the doo-doo hit the fan and a longtime customer/friend rose up on her hind legs and commented that she was no longer going to read our blog because I had sullied it by becoming so political.

That put what I call an Edith Bunker look on my face, as I tried to grasp her point.

So of course I dropped her from the list of people to be notified. I knew her political affiliation but certainly thought she could handle hearing my personal views. It's true that nearly all of our close friends feel differently about politics than we do and it's a subject we avoid like the plague. I'm not the least bit good about defending my views and can no more debate than I can fly to the moon (that's getting to be an outdated statement, isn't it?)

As a driver, I can rarely snap such pictures these days and Mr. Bob's photographer's eye is different from my own, so it's a rare thing to add to my collection. A friend of my daughter's offered to drive me around just so I could put my camera to good use out in the world. Thank you, Laurie......such a generous idea. I may yet take you up on it.

"All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height."Casey Stengel


  1. I'm with you, Jane. I believe Obama is our best hope, right now. But what needs to be fixed is overwhelming and the some of the best people aren't being seen or heard. And some of the worst are sucking all the air out of the room.
    I can't discuss politics with some of my long time friends, astonished as I am at the views they hold. It's too bad, but I can't make a good, new friend until I know their political views.

  2. Growing up in Utah and now living in a very conservative community, I have always felt like a political outlier. Fortunately I have a couple of very close friends who share my political views. That--and MSNBC--sustain me. But now we are turning this in to a political post. XO

  3. No, we aren't talking politics, we are discussing how lonesome some of us feel in our environments. Jane, did you notice the tearoom TV is always tuned to Fox? This whole place is of that persuasion - but here and there there are pockets of liberals. Hear hear Jane, I'm one of them too and ALWAYS have been and always be!.

  4. In Minnesota today, the majority and minority leaders of both houses in the state legislator got together on the radio to answer questions from listeners. Almost all questions indicated a yearning for the end of vitriol among politicians. The four got into a blaming game for the next half hour.

  5. When our friends found out we planned to vote for Obama in '08, they PUMMELED us with emails and materials in an effort to convert us! I'm bracing myself for this election year! Shelley

  6. Oh, I have an awful fear of heights. Great shots of them here! I think it's crazy to close out a friendship over different political views or "being too political" in a blog. And Jeeeez, it's your blog--you can darn well blog about whatever you choose. Tell her to go create her own blog! Hahaaa...

  7. Susan H writes: Well I can be political and talk about religon :). I watched closely to see if there was anyone that looked like my family on the recent Brian Williams special on the Mexico Mormon Community. My pateranal grandparents were both born in Mexico. I didn't see anyone that looked like my family. Tim asked what will we look for? I said anyone that looks slightly depressed, a
    Grandma Humphrey neck (many of us have it) and possibly napping. I still wonder if we are related in some way to Mit. Wouldn't that be something!

  8. Well....i too am not so fond of heights and especially when i have nothing surrounding me! Funny times on political thoughts. Obama is not my first choice and i am not a liberal and really, who cares? Differences make us interesting!One does not have to share political views to enjoy one another's company!