Wednesday, January 11, 2012


REMEMBER THE BOOK, "Watership Down"? For some reason the only title I could think of for today's entry is "Readership Down" for my guess is that many of our followers resolved not to waste time on reading our ramblings on line this new year. I don't think of myself as a particularly competitive person, but since I have access to the statistics, I find myself trying to beat previous performances whether I intend to or not. 

For instance I can tell how many times an entry has been visited in the last week (month or day, also) and it's been running nearly half less since the first of the year. I know the most devoted of you are still following us because your comments prove so, and what erudite people you are.......the comments usually being more interesting than the piece itself, definitely worth going back to read.
And one of the wonders of modern technology is that I can even tell where the readers are. In the past week:
1008       United States
38           Great Britain
13           Chile 
6             Spain
6             Russia
4             Canada
4             India
4             Norway
3             Australia
2             Indonesia.

I can only assume that most of them were stumbled upon by mistake, but Russia has shown rather consistently which is a great mystery. India? Chile, which is a recent showing? One never knows.

I know our news these days isn't quite as dramatic as it was a few months ago, or it probably is, but we've just gotten used to it. At any rate, I'm forever grateful for your keeping in touch and I'm open to any and all suggestions for making our web log more interesting. 

                             Jane & Mr. Bob


  1. Your blog is part of my day!!! Hopefully, some of the 1008 from the US are people to whom I have given the web address.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. Some people may have made new year's resolutions to stay away from the computer! (A friend of mine calls it a time vampire.)

  3. Link Check: Readership for Lisa S.
    US 0/Great Britain 0/Chile 0/Spain 0/Russia 0/Canada 0/India 0/ Norway 0/Australia 0/Indonesia 0.

    Jane! Yours is a fabulous and impressive summary! Rejoice---though blogging is not a competitive sport. Your window on the world is treasured (I recommended it to someone who just started.) Keep on sharing. You do it so very well!!!!


  4. Dear Jane: What are you saying? I love your news. You are so articulate. You are so brave. You are being too hard on yourself. We are here. I love you most assuredly. I am having lunch with friends at El Sol Friday. I think of you and your husband whenever I go there now. Marlene Plummer

  5. and alaska...............we can see Russia from our yards

  6. There is NOTHING you could do to make your blog bettrer....I LOVE it....Possibly the reason readership is down is because people are trying to "catch up" after the holidays and putting off things they enjoy until later....I, of course, save all your blogs in a folder and sometimes put them there to read later...Never are important to so many of us...Rusti

  7. There IS something you might consider: A soundtrack featuring Help Me Rhonda by the Beach Boys.

  8. noooooo .... strong dislike of the Beach Boys.
    happy new year.

    denise f in c'ville va

  9. You people are so wonderful. You move me to tears sometimes. Thanks for being who you are.

  10. Good Grief!!!!! You keep 1008 of us U.S.ers glued to your every word and you are worried???? I was one of those who happened to be traveling over New Year's and then again last weekend, but I always "catch up" with you when I return home. Just keep doing what you do so well and amuse us with your sometimes quirky, sometimes fun, sometimes insightful... and always heart warming view of the world. T.O.Joanne

  11. Methinks you are too grand a person to worry over such small concerns. :) You are wonderful, write on.

  12. A Non Y Mouse is here !

  13. Val is one who thinks as i does Ted..lisa..marlene and all your regulars. I have done a newsletter for a group i belong to and i probably got 5% of returnees to write. The population reads...enjoys, but does not comment. You are then left with the colorful characters who like to post!! Who, might i say are the most interesting!

  14. Well...I second everything everybody has already said especially Joanne...of course. I for one read you everyday and get concerned if you happen to miss a day. I love your ability to share your thoughts and feelings, your observations and your sometimes wicked sense of humor. You have a gift ...please don't fret about silly numbers.
    Cheers and Love, Timi

  15. The first of the year means catch-up from December. Save time by not replying!!!! Always read, only reply if have TIME!!!!

  16. Do the stats show more hits if you read one blog a day? Cause if someone like me catches up and reads several at a time, does that also count for one hit?

  17. The size of an author's fan base does not necessarily correlate to the quality of the writing (think "Twilight"). Your blog is always well written and interesting whether due to the news conveyed or your fresh perspective on any number of topics! I look forward to reading it everyday. You have a gift for writing. Love, Shelley

  18. Every time you access an entry, it gets a hit that's counted. Thanks for so much support!!!! Now, what'll I write about tomorrow????

  19. Have you thought of putting out a mailer to the Mexicans?
    John in Illinois

  20. I truly enjoy starting my day with your blog. Been on vacation the last week so am catching up today. Glad to see you and Mr. Bob are doing well. And thanks for the bits on Owen. I can't get enough of him.